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Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Grab-N-Go Lunches

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Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Grab-n-Go Lunches Step out for a quick lunch any given weekday, or pop into your local café over the weekend. Chances are you’re going to see a variety of prepared meals, packaged and ready to go. Nothing new there, right? But consider for a moment the quality of that meal Read the full article…

Ask MrTakeOutBags

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Can I put ice cream in this? Can I put ice cream in soup containers? Yes, the ones we sell that come with lids – also known as a combo pack – work well. They’re good for ice cream because there is a poly coating on both the inside and outside of the container. This Read the full article…

How the Cupcake Trend Took Over America’s Tastebuds

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You don’t have to look very far to see that cupcakes are a serious trend in America. From the opening of the L.A. based cupcakes-only shop, Sprinkles, to reality TV shows like Cupcake Wars to Carrie Bradshaw snacking on a cupcake in HBO’s “Sex and the City”, it seems everyone can’t get enough of the Read the full article…

Eating Habits of Millennials: A Passion for Better, Faster Food

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The Millennial generation has a serious passion for food. They are interested in not only good-tasting cuisine but also knowing where the food is coming from and its quality. According to best-selling author Eve Turow in her book A Taste of Generation Yum, Millennials are the most passionate about food than any other generation in Read the full article…

A Love for Chocolate: Why We Give Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

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It seems second nature to dash to the stores every February to purchase that chocolate filled, heart-shaped box, but how did it become a staple of Valentine’s Day? Below we break down the history behind the Day of Love, and how chocolate became a part of it. The Story behind Valentine’s Day The day we Read the full article…

Paper or Plastic (Infographic)

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Paper bags are especially great for packaging food as there is a grease-resistant option. No more oily stains on those pastry bags!

Biodegradable plastic bags are very durable, and they offer great leak resistance. The wave bags are especially popular for take-out because they have an easy loading wide top opening, much better than t-shirt bags.

Paper cups offer superior insulation for coffee and soup, but did you know it does the same for ice cream? … Read the full article…

The 6 Most Unique Wedding Cakes on the Internet

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The wedding cake is a creative way to make a major statement on that special day and these bakers from around the world were up to the challenge. Here’s to a sweet celebration of wedded bliss! A Cake of Life-Size Proportions One bride in Texas made headlines when she had a wedding cake made of Read the full article…

Top Restaurant Trends for 2016

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From technology to fashion to interior decorating, cultural trends are continuously emerging and developing throughout all industries. For 2016, trends in the restaurant industry are seeming to lean towards improving customer and employee experiences and preparing more restaurants for taking advantage of the technologically-inclined world. Here are the top restaurant trends you can expect to Read the full article…

The 5 Most Famous Delis in the U.S.

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According to historian and deli scholar Ted Merwin, the first American deli can be traced back to Katz’s, which opened in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1888. Since then, delis all over the country have been an integral part of Jewish American culture. If you’re in the mood to nosh on matzo ball Read the full article…

Long-Term Marketing Effects of Putting Your Logo on Reusable Grocery Bags

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Reusable bags are not only practical and eco-friendly, they are also an incredible marketing tool. Print your logo on reusable grocery bags to give customers a high-quality product they can use again and again, as they market your business all around town. Rather than spending thousands of dollars every year on printed ads, radio campaigns, Read the full article…

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