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Shrimp Daddy in LA Promotes with Waxed Tissue

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When it comes to extraordinary details, Shrimp Daddy hits the bullseye. The Los Angeles-based restaurant recently invested in branded food tissue. The results were almost immediate according to June Quan, Esq. who is the Head of Marketing at Shrimp Daddy. Practical Investment “We serve our Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp inside a beautiful pineapple boat,” says Quan. The Read the full article…

Demand for Paper Bags at All-Time High (and what it means for your business)

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Recently you may have noticed that it’s been surprisingly difficult to get your hands on the paper bags you’re used to getting. Or it could be that your beloved stackable deli boxes are nowhere to be found. Perhaps your supplier’s out of stock, or the local restaurant supply warehouse can’t keep it from flying off Read the full article…

Why Printed Packaging is Within Your Reach

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  There are plenty of reasons you might think custom-printed takeout items like bags, boxes, and cups are outside of your company’s reach. But rather than make excuses about why it won’t work, consider all the things that make customization more attainable than you ever realized. The myth: “Custom packaging is only for big companies” Read the full article…

Korean Barbecue and Fast Casual: A Match Made in Dining Heaven

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Traditional Korean barbecue is a dining experience. Sitting in front of a tabletop grill, spending a couple hours, and leisurely enjoying a meal. While we love that type of dining – the amount of time required can be daunting. Clearly, we’re not alone in that thought. That’s why we’re seeing more and more fast, casual, Read the full article…

Soon to be Favorites: Food Trends We’ll see in 2018

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With the New Year comes a slew of new dining options. Certain food trends are on the rise while others are starting to fall by the wayside. We took a look into our own crystal ball to see what 2018 has in store for the food industry and the future is bright. New food alert: Read the full article…

What the Heck’s a Kolache?

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Over the last several years we’ve seen a rise in popularity for the stuffed pastries known as kolache (also spelled kolache, kolace or kolacky /kəˈlɑːtʃi, -tʃki/). They’re a type of pastry filled with either sweet or savory ingredients, making this Czech delight loved by many. And when your product is an uncommon delicacy, it’s important to make sure your customers Read the full article…

Seeing Red for Valentine’s Day

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  Not a florist or a greeting card company? Not to worry, there are still plenty of ways for your business to boost revenue with festive packaging this February. Whether you’re slinging coffee, crafting cupcakes, or selling prepared lunches, help your customers get into the romantic spirit with eye-catching red packaging. Red Hot Ripple-Wrap (new Read the full article…

Love Is in the Air: Our Favorite Pairs

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You can go ahead and call us Cupid, because we’ve brought together some lovely (packaging) couples. It’s only natural to see lots of coupling around Valentine’s Day. We thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of our perfect pairs. These packaging soul mates go together like eggs and bacon, cheese and crackers, or Read the full article…

In Montana, Scenic Brew Coffee Knows How to Get Noticed

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In Helena, Montana there is a coffee shop whose clever name says it all: Scenic Brew. Owner Beth White understands the importance of putting the café’s logo on their packaging. That is why the coffee cup sleeves bear the iconic company name and logo. When they first started working with us they used the solid Read the full article…

Small Price, Small Detail, Big Results

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Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest impact, especially when it comes to packaging. Over the years, we’ve learned that there are several go-to gems that our customers use over and over. These are items that have a small price tag but drive the perceived value of a retail package way, way Read the full article…

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