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Trendspotting: Poké Restaurants all the Rage

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Hawaiian Cuisine Meets Fast Casual   Maybe you’ve already noticed it. Fast casual restaurants popping up in cities around the nation offering bowls of poké (pronounced poh-kay). It’s a dish that usually consists of raw fish. The fish is cut into bite-sized chunks and marinated in sesame oil and soy sauce. It’s often put on Read the full article…

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Billboard Ad

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Packaging is a great opportunity to remind your customers and a lot of other folks about your company, product, or service. Putting your name and info on your packaging gives you a chance to share a message. If you’re not putting your brand on your packaging, then you’re missing out on chances to spread your Read the full article…

Angry Little Girls Deserve Unique Packaging, too

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Designer and entrepreneur Lela Lee is the creator of the slightly off-beat and refreshingly original retail company Angry Little Girls. With a boost in business and a plan to relaunch her brand, Lee came to us needing distinct custom packaging. Lee wanted packaging for her smaller gift items like jewelry, socks, and books. What she Read the full article…

Colorful Packaging that Beats the Winter Gloom

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Chase those winter blues away with pinks, greens, and yellows!   MrTakeOutBags is headquartered along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. It is early February, and winter gloom is in full force. We are hungry for some color (you might be, too), so we picked out some of our favorite packaging that adds brightness and energy Read the full article…

Special Packaging for Special Items

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While strolling the North Shore neighborhood of Chicago, take time to stop at Three Tarts Bakery in Northfield (19 miles from the City Center) and indulge in fresh baked artisan bread, great cupcakes, beautifully decorated cakes, fluffy quiche, or anything from their sandwich or salad menu. Nothing is mundane, and everything is top notch. Don’t be Read the full article…

Love Is in the Air: Our Favorite Pairs

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You can go ahead and call us Cupid, because we’ve brought together some lovely (packaging) couples. It’s only natural to see lots of coupling around Valentine’s Day. We thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of our perfect pairs. These packaging soul mates go together like eggs and bacon, cheese and crackers, or Read the full article…

Resolving to Make 2017 a Break-Out Year for Your Business

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  Welcome 2017 As we begin the New Year, small business owners are contemplating what the next 12 months holds for them. And many of us will make resolutions to achieve our goals. Here are a few resolutions that many small business owners may have on the top of their lists. We want to offer Read the full article…

Our Favorite Custom Packaging: Bakery Edition

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  Some of our sweetest custom packaging   Custom-printed packaging is important for every business, and that includes bakeries. It can help get a company’s name out there, or increase brand recognition, and ideally it will drive traffic to your location. So we hand-picked a few of our favorite custom orders to share because we found Read the full article…

Top 6 Products of 2016

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  I’m often asked to identify the hottest, most innovative products in the packaging industry. Here is my list of top products from 2016. They should continue to be popular & useful well into 2017. -Jeff Holmes   1. Cube Container    -Reusable (perhaps forever)    -Recyclable (when you’re ready to let it go)   Read the full article…

Ask MrTakeOutBags

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Today’s question focuses on keeping fried food crispy with the right packaging:   How can I keep my fried food from getting soggy? While there’s no way to keep fried food crispy as time goes by, but there are certainly ways to slow down the process. Specific styles of packaging, of course, is one of Read the full article…

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