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Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Eco-Friendly Icons?

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Everyday is Earth Day at! In case you haven’t noticed, we here at are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we offer eco-friendly packaging options. Check out our compostable food containers, 100% recycled brown bags, and cutlery that is biodegradable and compostable. It’s also why we do not offer any Styrofoam Read the full article…

Custom Printing for Retail

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We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about food packaging and food trends. But we know that custom-printed packaging is just as beneficial in the retail world as it is in the restaurant industry. Trust us, we got our start in retail! That’s why we were so excited to work with best Read the full article…

New Printed Food Tissue Program

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If there’s one piece of printed packaging that we recommend more than other, it would have to be food grade tissue. Used as basket liners, tray liners, sandwich wraps, burger sleeves – you name it! It’s a versatile staple found in so many restaurants. From fast casual to gastropubs to takeout, this type of paper Read the full article…

Our Favorite Packaging Collections: How Good Design Means Great Brand Awareness

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Packaging Collections: You already know that we’re obsessed with branded packaging collections. We can’t help but notice and appreciate when a company uses a good design to create memorable takeout boxes, shopping bags, bakery boxes, disposable cups, napkins – the list goes on and on! Customized packaging is eye-catching, especially when it’s cohesive and works Read the full article…

3 Simple Ways to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

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    Think about it: what makes you choose one brand over another? What makes you even remember one brand while forgetting another? Companies that differentiate themselves from the competition are the ones that are remembered – and revisited – by customers. Many will say that it’s extremely difficult to get noticed in the food Read the full article…

Shrimp Daddy in LA Promotes with Waxed Tissue

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When it comes to extraordinary details, Shrimp Daddy hits the bullseye. The Los Angeles-based restaurant recently invested in branded food tissue. The results were almost immediate according to June Quan, Esq. who is the Head of Marketing at Shrimp Daddy. Practical Investment “We serve our Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp inside a beautiful pineapple boat,” says Quan. The Read the full article…

Demand for Paper Bags at All-Time High (and what it means for your business)

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Recently you may have noticed that it’s been surprisingly difficult to get your hands on the paper bags you’re used to getting. Or it could be that your beloved stackable deli boxes are nowhere to be found. Perhaps your supplier’s out of stock, or the local restaurant supply warehouse can’t keep it from flying off Read the full article…

Why Printed Packaging is Within Your Reach

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  There are plenty of reasons you might think custom-printed takeout items like bags, boxes, and cups are outside of your company’s reach. But rather than make excuses about why it won’t work, consider all the things that make customization more attainable than you ever realized. The myth: “Custom packaging is only for big companies” Read the full article…

Korean Barbecue and Fast Casual: A Match Made in Dining Heaven

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Traditional Korean barbecue is a dining experience. Sitting in front of a tabletop grill, spending a couple hours, and leisurely enjoying a meal. While we love that type of dining – the amount of time required can be daunting. Clearly, we’re not alone in that thought. That’s why we’re seeing more and more fast, casual, Read the full article…

Soon to be Favorites: Food Trends We’ll see in 2018

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With the New Year comes a slew of new dining options. Certain food trends are on the rise while others are starting to fall by the wayside. We took a look into our own crystal ball to see what 2018 has in store for the food industry and the future is bright. New food alert: Read the full article…

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