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Food Hall Days: The Latest Trend in Fast Casual Dining

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Forget what you know about cafeterias, food courts, and mess halls. New-fashioned food halls are popping up all over the country. These dining hotspots feature multiple high-end vendors, sushi bars, and places to grab expertly roasted coffee – all under one roof. By offering lots of options, it’s no wonder why foodies are swarming to Read the full article…

What’s the Right Packaging for your Food Truck

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It’s that time of year again! Summer is here and that means tons of outdoor festivals, street fairs, concerts, and community events. At nearly all of these events you’ll find food trucks lining the blocks, ready to serve hungry customers. If you’re one of these on-trend trucks, with a line of eager customers at your Read the full article…

Where To Find The Nation’s Best Donuts

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June 3rd is National Donut Day, and we are a nation who loves those sweet, round treats. The rise of the artisan donut is taking the country by storm, and we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Earth Day 2016 – Guide to Eco Friendly Packaging Icons

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Every day is Earth Day at MrTakeOutBags. We stock a full supply of eco-friendly products from recyclable bags to compostable food containers. We even have biodegradable and compostable cutlery! We believe in offering a multitude of sustainable items year-round, not just on Earth Day. It’s not just about what we do carry, though, it’s also Read the full article…

National French Bread Day – March 21st

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Many people are unaware of National French Bread Day on March 21st, but the majority of the population won’t hesitate a moment to say Oui! for a chance to savor the crusty-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside French staple. The History Behind French Bread Also known as a baguette, French bread is a long thin loaf that is made Read the full article…

3 Proven Options When You’re Considering Custom Printed Coffee Cups

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Do you sell coffee in your business? And, do people sometimes take that coffee with them when they leave? If so, maybe at one point or another you thought to yourself, “Self, wouldn’t it make sense to custom print our paper coffee cups so our customers can advertise our business for us when they’re walking around Read the full article…

Bio Pak Take Out Boxes vs. Twin Lock Takeout Boxes – Which is Better?

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You would have thought my mom won the lottery. It was a few months ago for my father’s birthday when my mom had a huge dinner with all the fixings and the whole family over. There were 27 of us. Anyways… outside of supervising the TV remote, the other way I contributed to this event Read the full article…

Custom Tissue Paper & Social Media

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Leveraging Food Photography & Social Media with Custom Printed Tissue The food photo: we’ve all seen them parading down our news feeds, making mouths water and stomachs growl. We tend to share these posts because eating is a communal thing, and what bigger community to share with than the world of social media? Earlier this Read the full article…

A Must Watch if You’re Sick and Tired of Using T Shirt bags – Meet the Super Wave and Ameritote Bags

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Let’s talk about two of our most popular take out bags… the Super Wave and Ameritote bags. While they’re strong, super supportive and attractive bags… Sometimes they leave folks scratching their heads when it come to determining the right size bag to go with. So, the geniuses that we are, we thought we’d put together Read the full article…

Your Complete Guide to Shipping

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“How much does shipping cost?” “How long will it take to get to me? “Do you offer free shipping?” When ordering online, I’m willing to bet (and I’m not a betting man), that at least one of these questions crossed your mind. If not all of them. And rightly so… right? They’re all valid questions. Read the full article…

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