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Biodegradable Super Wave Carryout Bags - 24 x 20 + 11" (500/case)

Item #::  BBW242011BIO

Opening: 23 x 11 in.

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Biodegradable Super Wave Carryout Bags - 24 x 20 + 11"
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    Code:  BBW242011BIO
    size:  24 x 20 + 11 in.
    Color / Style:  White
    Thickness:  1.5 MIL
    Shipping Weight:  30.00 pounds

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    $0.23 each @ 1 case
    $0.21 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.20 each @ 5+ cases

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    • 24 x 20 + 11", Gauge 1.5
    • Additive technology is added to the conventional resin and creates a product with similar properties in appearance, physical durability, and performance.
    • Competitively priced with regular plastic bags, yet the most affordable of any other degradable poly bags.
    • EPI treated plastic will break down when triggered by heat, composting or sunlight and then is naturally absorbed back into the environment. For more information visit
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    Q: Can it be personalized?

    A: This bag is not able to be hot stamped due to the thickness of the bag but it can be personalized by other printing options we provide! Give us a call at 888-321-2248 to speak with a sales rep!

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