Parisian Pastry Pie Cake Boxes - 10 x 10 x 4" (50/case)

Item #::  XFSBPBX4212CB

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Parisian Pastry Pie Cake Boxes - 10 x 10 x 4"
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    Wholesale per Case Pricing

    Product has been discontinued.

    NOTE: For orders of 10 cases or more call us at 888-321-2248

    Product has been discontinued.


    Code:  XFSBPBX4212CB
    size:  10 x 10 x 4"
    Qty / Case:  50/case
    Color / Style:  PARISIAN PASTRY
    Shipping Weight:  25.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $1.35 each @ 1 case
    $1.23 each @ 2-4 cases
    $1.12 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • New Parisian Pastry design features a tufted pattern and is an elegant update to the traditional pink pastry boxes!
    • Perfect size for round cakes and pies
    • Fully customizable - ink printed or hot stamped with your logo!
    • Post consumer material, 100% recyclable paperboard/cardboard

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    Q: For this product...Parisian Pastry Pie Cake Boxes - 10 x 10 x 4" (50 / case)Does the box open up on the top or side? It is hard to tell from the picture?

    A: This Parisian Pastry Pie Cake Box opens up on the top allowing you place your pie or cake down into it. Hope that helps.

    Q: Will this Parisian cake box sized "10x10x4" and the chocolate brown boxes sized "10x10x4" deep cake be large enough to hold a9inch pie?Thank you in advance

    A: A 9 inch pie should fit really well in a 10x10x4" box depending on if your pie has a height smaller than 4 inches! We are able to send out samples and can send up to 4 different items while charging a $10 s/h fee. To place a sample order, you can call in and speak to one of our sales representatives at (888)321-2248.

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