Tuxedo Gold Linen Pop Up Gift Card Boxes w/ Black Interior (50/case)

Item #::  XFSSHB28060

Gift boxes for gift cards.

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Tuxedo Gold Linen Pop Up Gift Card Boxes w/ Black  Interior
    Biodegradable Icon Recyclable Icon Customizable Icon Made in USA Icon
    Wholesale per Case Pricing

    Product has been discontinued.

    NOTE: For orders of 10 cases or more call us at 888-321-2248

    Product has been discontinued.


    Code:  XFSSHB28060
    size:  4-5/8 x 3-3/8 x 5/8 in.
    Qty / Case:  50/case
    Color / Style:  Tuxedo Gold Linen w/ Black Interior
    Shipping Weight:  5.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $1.55 each @ 1 case
    $1.50 each @ 2-4 cases
    $1.45 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • Boxes specifically designed to hold and display gift cards, business cards, or any other credit-card sized promotion or gift
    • One Piece Design - presentation card holder 'pops' up
    • Read to use - no assemblyly required
    • High end appeal - The box is wrapped in top quality gift wrap
    • Constructed using recycled board (Earth Friendly)
    • Made here in the USA
    • Wholesale / bulk pricing, 50 boxes per case
    • Rigid lid and base are hinged at the back
    • Notch top lid makes it easy to open
    • Alternative image shows what color interior goes with the box color you selected
    • Has To: From: and Amount: labels printed inside
    • In stock for immediate delivery
    • These gift card boxes can be customized and personalized. Click the 'Customize' button to learn more!

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