Black EcoSleeve Foam Coffee Cup Sleeve (1000/case)

Item #::  XFSVF10S20B

EcoSleeve is a hot and cold beverage sleeve that's superior to the alternatives. It makes sense for your customers, the environment, and your bottom line.
**Units per case is now 1000/cs.

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Black EcoSleeve  Foam Coffee Cup Sleeve
    Heat Safe Icon Post Consumer Icon Recyclable Icon Green Product Icon Customizable Icon Made in USA Icon
    Wholesale per Case Pricing

    This product has been discontinued. As a replacement, please see the Brown Kraft Wave Coffee Cup Sleeves

    NOTE: For orders of 10 cases or more call us at 888-321-2248

    This product has been discontinued. As a replacement, please see the Brown Kraft Wave Coffee Cup Sleeves


    Code:  XFSVF10S20B
    size:  FITS 12, 16, 20 oz cup
    Qty / Case:  1000/case
    Color / Style:  Black
    Shipping Weight:  15.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $0.05 each @ 1 case
    $0.05 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.04 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • Eco Friendly and Upcyclable: these sleeves can be recycled into the same product over and over again, whereas traditional recycling results in lower grade product
    • Each EcoSleeve is made with at least 25% recycled content.
    • EcoSleeves come with a free Dispenser Tray inside each case to keep the sleeves easily accessible and to communicate the environmental advantages of using a EcoSleeve Coffee Sleeve
    • 66% less waste than paper sleeves
    • Certified by the Environmental Choice Program
    • Filled with millions of tiny air bubbles to protect hands from hot or cold beverages
    • The most comfortable sleeve available
    • MemoryTech technology form-fits to all of our coffee cups
    • Waterproof to protect against leaks and spills
    • Fits 12, 16, and 20 oz. cups

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