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How To Keep Your Coffee Cup Lids From Leaking

Some tips on how to attach your plastic coffee lids to prevent coffee leaks.

  • Sometimes here at MrTakeOutBags we hear about leaky coffee cup lids, so here's a quick how to on preventing leaks. As it turns out, there's a wrong way to put these lids on your cup, and a right way.
  • This first tip is to pick the right lid. It has to be the right size and style because not every lid works on every cup and not all lids are of decent quality, so they may be weak or they may crack easily. Luckily though, if you're shopping here on we've already tested the lids in the related products section so you can be sure that they're high quality and that they fit that particular cup
  • The second tip to preventing leaks is to make sure you push the lid down until you feel it snap or pop into place.
  • Go ahead and use your palm to press the lid down and apply pressure evenly until the lid pops. You see, the inside of the lid, it has a little recess that fits into the rolled rim of the coffee cup, and that snap or pop is confirmation that the rim is properly seated in the lid.
  • The third tip for preventing leaks is to line the spout up directly across from the cup seam
  • Due to the manufacturing process, cups have this little seam that runs up the side of the cup and onto the rim. This causes the area that seals with the lid to be a little slightly uneven and that creates a little opening there
  • If that seam, if it's under the spout, coffee will hit that space and leak as you tilt for a drink. But if you spin that lid around so that the spout is opposite the seam, you won't drip when you tilt the spout.
  • So to recap here
  • Make sure you're using the right lid, Make the lid pop! and line up the lid spout opposite from the cup seam.
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