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Paper Cookie Bags / Paper Sandwich Bags

These grease and moisture resistant paper sandwich bags are ideal for any take out lunch box or bag. Waxed paper sandwich bags can also be used for wraps, pastries, cookies, or any other flat baked good. If you need an insulating type of paper / foil bag or wrap, we have those too. Check out our oven safe toaster sheets, insulated sandwich wraps or dry waxed paper.

Looking for the perfect packaging solution for your baked treats? Look no further than our high-quality paper sandwich bags, which can double as durable and moisture-resistant cookie bags for restaurant packaging. Our cookie bags are the ideal choice for holding small batches of cookies and other baked treats, and their compact size and easy-to-carry design make them perfect for takeout orders or customer giveaways.

  • Good for holding one average sandwich, pastry or large cookies
  • Grease resistant waxed paper sandwich bags help prevent penetration of grease
  • Insulating paper / foil sandwich bags for hot or greasy foods
  • Toaster sheets help process toasted sandwiches - oven safe to 450°
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