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From takeout containers to transport trays, catering companies have to invest in lots of equipment just to function on a daily basis. These essential supplies make it easier for workers to prepare and cook food, serve it, transport it and package it all up. Check out these five essential catering supplies any catering company should have.

  1. Takeout Containers


Also referred to as to go containers, these items are absolutely essential if your clients want to take home what they didn’t finish at their event. Typically made of Styrofoam, these takeout containers are important ways to prevent food waste because all the extras can be boxed up and saved for later. Even if your client doesn’t want the leftovers, you can box them up and drop them at a local soup kitchen. Disposable food containers can be thrown out later as needed after they have served their purpose as great storage options for anything from olives and pickles to sandwiches and meatballs. Disposable boxes are large enough to hold several containers safely for transport.


  1. Transport Trays and Platters


A big part of being a catering company is being able to transport large amounts of food and drink to your guests. This is where transport trays and platters come in handy. Deli trays with clear tops are essential for serving finger foods, as are circular foil platters perfect for cookies or sandwiches. These are easy to store because they nest inside one another and can be stacked easily.


  1. Specialty Dishes and Cookware


Not all catering companies are created equal. Some serve full meals at functions while others specialize in cakes and cupcakes. If you serve a variety of food at parties, you’ll need lots and lots of serving dishes, but if you only sell custom cupcakes, you’ll need a lot of cake and cupcake molds, advises the Houston Chronicle.


  1. Equipment


A lot of the equipment you need can be rented, at least at first when you’re just starting out. You can even rent dishes! You will require the use of refrigerators and freezers for keeping food cool, along with commercial-grade mixers, ovens, pans, glasses, utensils and even decorations. Even if you rent a lot of the equipment, it’s always a good idea to have your own solid set of knives and cake decorating supplies that you can call your own. After all, this is how you can hone your craft when off the clock.


  1. Miscellaneous


There are many essential supplies you will need as a caterer that you may not immediately think of. These are all the accessories that offer added convenience for your guests. These items include napkins (in a variety of colors and themes), linens for serving tables, picks and skewers for appetizers, plastic dinnerware, serving utensils, and pitchers and carafes. You’ll also have to think of any specialty items you may need to stock a salad bar, for instance, or a communal fondue pot.

These five catering supply categories are just the tip of the iceberg. You will find you’ll need a lot of extra equipment and accessories to make a successful catering company, but if you have the basics you’re off to a great start.

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