Top 6 Products of 2016

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I’m often asked to identify the hottest, most innovative products in the packaging industry. Here is my list of top products from 2016.
They should continue to be popular & useful well into 2017.
-Jeff Holmes


1. Cube Container

   -Reusable (perhaps forever)
   -Recyclable (when you’re ready to let it go)
   -Freezable, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe

2. Ripple Wrap Coffee Cups


   – Absolute best ripple cup on market
   – No need to add sleeve or to ‘double cup’
   – Distinctly better than the rest

3. Wine Bottle Boxes


 -Italian made; extremely high quality and strong
   -Beautifully laminated with textured paper

4. Planet Paper Soup Containers


   -Natural look and compostable
   -Will appeal to your green-sensitive customers

5. Custom Tissue


 -Basket/tray liner + sandwich wrappers
   -Great for building your brand especially as customers take photos with their cell phones

6. Kraft Baguette Bags with Windows


   -Great visual packaging for ‘grab & go’ baguettes
   -100% recycled paper
   -Natural look with economical price
   -Low minimum (500/case)



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