3 Tips For Choosing The Right Paper Coffee Cups For Your Shop

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Do you know what “double cupping it” is? As the owner of a coffee shop, this is a term of endearment all too familiar with your customers: Instead of walking around town, relaxing with a double-shot, sugar-free caramel latte in hand, it starts with your hand being practically scalded after grabbing the disposable cup; That shock to the system causes you to jump in surprise, spilling the hot beverage everywhere. The result? Wet and stained clothes, a hospital, and more low quality coffee cups angrily thrown into the trash (followed by a string of profanities..).

However, this whole experience can be completely avoided. There are many great coffee cup products out there that can help you avoid these frustrating situations as well as achieve your business goals. Here are 3 tips for how to find your perfect coffee cup:

To Eliminate The Double Cup: Look For Disposable Cups With Double Insulation

If the safety and well being of your customers is important to you (of course, it is!), look for disposable cups with thermo-grip technology which uses a double wall of insulation to keep heat in, and eliminates the need for double cupping. There will never be situations like the one described above, and you can skip purchasing extra cups and sleeves during your next order of supplies to save your business money. Not to mention, you won’t have to keep as many products stocked, which will make you happy no doubt, as well as Mother Nature.

To Support The Environment: Choose Compostable And Biodegradable Paper Cups

Choosing recyclable coffee cups is the first step for choosing eco-friendly products, but if you wish to take it to the next level, be sure to choose biodegradable and compostable paper cups from Biodegradable means that the product will completely break down and will simply return to nature, without sitting in a landfill contributing to pollution; compostable means a product will not only break down but will actually turn into nutrient-rich food for our soil. If minimizing your carbon footprint is important to you, then you need to use these eco-friendly paper cups in your shop for hot and cold beverages.

To Make Your Business Stand Out: Look For Unique Colors And Designs

Your business needs a certain brand image to stick out from the sea of other shops. You need to decide what makes you special, what you support, and what you wish to convey to customers. If you support eco-friendly products, then look for natural kraft coffee cups with the green product stamp. You can also look for coffee cups with unique designs with vibrant colors, coffee cup icons, and swirls, to set your shop apart from those that use all white cups.  All colorful cups are made using water-based inks, and with mostly renewable resources, so you don’t have to sacrifice eco-friendly for appearance.

We are usually told that we can’t have it all; If we want practical and safe, we need to sacrifice style; If we want eco-friendly, say goodbye to saving any money, etc. But you can have it all. Most coffee cup products at combine environmentally friendly components with other features. In the very least, all products are recyclable using mostly plant-based materials so you won’t have to add to the landfills whether aesthetic, cost-savings, the environment, or your customer’s safety is your main conc

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