Your New Year’s Resolution Begins Now

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Time to make the commitment: starting in 2018 you are going to stop wasting valuable advertising space by putting your company logo onto your packaging. Admit it, you told yourself before that you were going to do it, but for whatever reason you never got around to it.

Perhaps you think it’s too expensive, or that the minimum quantity required is much higher than the amount you need. Or maybe you’re expecting the turnaround time for a printed item to be months. Well, you would be surprised.


Custom printing may be less than you think – not to mention that the revenue boost it can provide for a business is often very impressive. While a printed bag has a higher price tag than a plain one of course, the value that it adds is immeasurable.

our most asked about coffee cup

Minimum Quantity

This is where we really shine! We’re proud to say that we are able to offer some of the lowest required minimums in the industry. For many flat items (like boxes and bags) we can print as few as 1,000 pieces with a hot-stamping process. Looking to print coffee cups but not prepared to take on 50,000 units? No problem, we can print 5,000 of a size.

hot-stamped box


Turnaround Time

It’s true, custom items that are imported can take 14 weeks to arrive after an order is placed. That’s one of the reasons we work almost exclusively with American manufacturers. Lead times vary by item, but some things, like custom labels, are made in as few as two weeks (after final art approval).

Tribute Tea: custom labels.

With options like printed stickers, reusable grocery bags, and wine bottle carriers, there are a ton of options available for all businesses. Each business is different. Let us help you find the best way to get your logo out there, in front of potential customers.

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