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Restaurant owners have always known it: Guest experience is everything, when it comes to having a successful eatery over the long haul.

Diners expect more than good food – they want a good atmosphere, too, if they’re going to shell out 50 bucks for a steak dinner or 15 for a burger and fries.

They want to be surrounded by nice lighting, clean tablecloths and plates, quiet-yet-pleasing music and comfortable seats — an all-around welcoming atmosphere.

But how, as a restaurateur, can you continue to create a fantastic guest experience when, well, frankly, in this Covid-19 world we’re living in, there just aren’t as many guests hanging out in your place for their meals? More and more – as a result of being on lockdown but still wanting to dine out – patrons are using pickup services to grab their favorite pastas, tacos and pizzas from that beloved spot Downtown.

Thinking Outside of the Booth

Many restaurant owners now are realizing that to keep pace with the demand for dining off premises, it just might be a good idea to designate a special pickup area inside their restaurants.

Take a cue from Panera Bread. Place an order and you can either pull into a special spot in the lot and have it brought to you, or – if you’re like many folks who want to reduce the number of people coming in contact with their food – you can walk in and grab it from their specially designated Grab and Go spot inside.

According to the industry publication QSR, “With consumers spending $769 billion ordering food last year, competition is fierce in the restaurant to-go and delivery space. To make your restaurant’s off-premise process stand out from the rest … food presentation is important because it could be the first time the customer is introduced to your brand.”

Creating Food Pickup Happiness

Offering lockers, lamps and coolers to keep their menu items the correct temperature is one important step. Investing in permanent, attractive custom shelving is another. But of the utmost importance is the presentation itself.

Orders must transfer well, according to the magazine, “so guests open them with a clean presentation. With high-quality food and beverage carriers, restaurants can hold a variety of food pan sizes and keep their orders upright and in the freshest condition.”

That’s where MrTakeOutBags.com comes in. Among our thousands of packaging solutions, there are fantastic ways to give your pickup customers an experience that will whet their appetites for returning to you again and again.

Safety First

When folks turn up to pick up their goods at your restaurant, they seek assurance that the food inside the bag has not been exposed to others – or to disease. That’s where tamper-evident packaging becomes a key player for you.

tamper evident paper bags
Tamper Evident Paper Takeout Bags

According to one team member at the Panera in Bethel Park, folks want to know that while their order is sitting on that shelf waiting for them to get there that nobody’s been able to peek in or mess with it in any way.

And sealed up safe can also look darned good, too.

There are plenty of items to choose from. Labels, paper bags, drink carriers and plastic carryout bags all come tamper-evident now and can look welcoming in your new pickup space.

Check out the tamper-evident items here:https://www.mrtakeoutbags.com/store/tamper-evident-takeout-delivery-packaging.html

Stack-able Solutions

stackable boes


You want your customers to like the look of the take-out packages they’re picking up – and you want it to be a convenient “carry” as well.

Our stackable takeout boxes with handles provide a convenient solution in a handsome package – easy for you to fill and easy for your patrons to pick up and go with.

Check them out here:  https://www.mrtakeoutbags.com/shop.html?Search=stackable+takeout+box

No Sweat

stackable containers
Vented takeout containers release steam/moisture and are designed to stack well.

Not only do you want your goods to look great – you also want them to hold up to takeout packaging and having to sit a spell until that hungry diner makes his way in to grab them.

Vented takeout containers are a great way to attain all of those goals.

Available in black, red and green plastic, as well as white and kraft cardboard,  our vented carryout solutions are sure to cover all the bases. Take a look: https://www.mrtakeoutbags.com/shop.html?Search=vented+takeout+containers

Send Your Name Home with Them

We can help customize your packaging.

Perhaps the best way to jazz up the carryout section in your restaurant and the packages leaving it is to put your name on it!

Start with custom signage over your take-out area. Next, add your customized bags, boxes and cups.

We can certainly help with that! The packaging advisers at MrTakeOutBags become a partner to you – guiding you through getting your brand or logo printed on whatever works for you.

Even a custom label or tissue liner in your takeout boxes can make a massive impact in how your eatery is perceived and your goods are remembered. A colorful label on a coffee bag. A gold logo on a kraft paper bag. A plastic cup with your restaurant’s name and phone number in a standout color. All of these things will add some artistry to your packaging – and your to-go area.

Your packaging and branding should mirror the types of food that they contain. A high-end restaurant should reflect that in higher quality takeout packaging.

So remember when you are sitting down to think of ways to stand out from the rest and give your guests a great experience – whether they are dining in or picking up – that what you choose to put your goodies in just may make the difference in how many foodies choose to eat them.

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