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If you operate a restaurant, catering business, school cafeteria or other food service venture, you know all too well that one of your trickiest tasks is figuring out the best way to present your goods to the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Food Tray.

Food trays are an economical, practical tool when it comes to serving patrons all types of treats – anything from sushi to sandwiches, French fries to chicken fingers. And today, there are more options than ever to choose from.

Food trays are grease-resistant, work well with either hot or cold foods and have a 1-piece design, making them easy for both you and your customers to deal with.

Let’s take a closer look at some wonderful choices available right here at

eco friendly food trays

Brown Kraft Food Trays: Natural, versatile

Brown kraft food trays are the perfect idea for serving samples, picnic items, side dishes or fried snacks. Food truck operators find them to be economical, trendy and practical, too.

They’re stackable, freezer safe, microwavable and leak resistant. In addition, you can feel good about using them for their earth-friendly properties. They’re recyclable, compostable and designated “green products.” Many of the ones we offer also are biodegradable and made of plant material in the good ole U.S.A.

The “What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast” from the National Restaurant Association and American Culinary Federation found that:

“Sustainability, typically a big influencer on menus and on how restaurants operate—from serving locally sourced and sustainable proteins to practicing food-waste reduction and recycling in the front- and back-of-the-house—will continue in 2022, the survey indicates.”

National Restaurant Association, “What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast”

Ranging in size from just 7 ounce all the way up to 5-pound capacity, there’s sure to be one to suit your foodie needs. Take a look at our Brown Kraft Food Trays here.

white tray with macarons

White Flatbread Trays: Serve up some snacks

When you’re trying to come up with a plan for your concession stand or picnic, consider a White Flatbread Food Tray. They’re just the right fit for small flatbreads, nachos, fries, fruits or veggies.

Stackable and earth-friendly, they’re easy to transport, easy to fill and no problem for your patrons to tote. Take a look at the White Flatbread Food Trays we offer.

Corrugated Food Trays: Heavy duty service

OK, so you’ve decided some type of a food tray would work perfectly for your business or event. The only hesitation you have is that what you’re serving might need a little more of a hefty tray to prevent drops and spills. Introducing  the corrugated version.

Stronger and more grease-resistant than paper food trays, they’re capable of safely holding an entrée without the need for additional packaging. Think of them as a fantastic replacement for a plastic, basket-style tray.

And again, once folks are finished with their hot or cold tasty treats, these trays can be recycled and are compostable.

We have two options to choose from, including the Natural Brown Kraft Dinner Corrugated Food Tray and Heavy-Duty Kraft Corrugated Food Tray, which also contains 20% post-consumer fiber.

wood tray with pastries

Wooden Food Trays: An eco-friendly home for fusion foods has recently introduced an exciting new line of wooden food trays to enhance your business or dress up your events.

Boasting a gorgeous natural design and adding an upscale touch to your table or serving platter, these trays are for the very eco-conscious folks out there. They’re microwavable, recyclable, compostable and contain plant material.

Some even come with lids (sold separately) to keep your items intact and lined up waiting for appreciative guests.

Starting at just 5-ounce and offering a slew of sizes all the way up to 42-ounce capacity, they’re a groundbreaking choice in food service. Take a look at all our Wooden Food Trays have to offer.

custom branded food tray blogs

That personal touch

As with almost all of the food service products we offer at, our range of food trays is customizable with your brand, logo, or message. We make it easy for you, too. Take a look and see how, then give us a call.

We’d love to have you… we’ll leave a tray out for you.

Beloved movie character Forrest Gump said it best: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” But if you’re the owner of a confectionery or other enterprise selling sweet treats, I’ll bet you know what you need: a Candy Box.

Candy boxes come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Some are perfect for truffles; others work best for fudge. There are candy boxes for chocolate covered pretzels, cordials and meltaways. With chocolate sales increasing 9.2% and non-chocolate confection sales increasing 14.5% in 2021 (according to a 2022 National Confectioners Association report), an elegant candy packaging solution can help you take advantage of a rising demand. It can be a bit dizzying to figure out which would be your best pick.

Let’s make that easier for you.

Which candy box style will work for you?

There are two main types of candy boxes available. Let’s take a closer look:

multiple sizes of mint candy boxes

Two-Part Rigid Candy Box

Two-part rigid set-up candy boxes are the ones you are used to seeing in candy shops and kiosks. They’re durable, high-quality, ready-to-use boxes available in multiple sizes and colors.

With inserts and pads that are sold separately, they’re the perfect choice for truffles, cordials and individual chocolates. This combination of packaging protects your wares and adds appeal. I mean, who doesn’t love to lift the lid on a gift box of chocolates?

Many colors of the rainbow are represented in these beautiful boxes. You can choose from metallic, two-toned or solid colors such as mint box tops with chocolate brown bottoms, pink, cherry cordial, black, gold and solid dark chocolate – and yes, those are the colors, not the flavors.

They come in four sizes, ranging from 1/8 pound to 1 pound, offering security and style.

Check out our two piece candy boxes.

one piece folding candy boxes

One-piece Folding Paper Candy Box

If you’ve got small wrapped chocolates, clusters, chocolate covered pretzels or other bulk candies to offer your customers, these are a great choice for you.

Coming in two sizes – half pound and 1 pound – along with a range of attractive colors, these folding boxes are a snap to put together and easy to store.

Available colors include white, black, pink, red, chocolate brown and even leaf green.

See our choices in Paper Folding Candy Boxes.

Our candy boxes are stackable, customizable and made in the U.S.A.

explosion diagram of rigid candy boxes

Putting together the total package

Our Two-Part Rigid Candy Boxes are meant to be paired with our protective inserts and pads. These not only prevent your goods from slipping around in transit; they also provide for an elegant, practical presentation that every candy lover and patron can appreciate.

With the inserts, there are a multitude of shapes, configurations and colors available. This includes everything from 4 cavity, all the way up to 15 cavity, round or square. There are inserts that can fit one large chocolate bar and others that can fit a candy bar surrounded by cordials.

They can even be adapted. The eight-piece truffle inserts, for example, can easily be snapped in half to fit a 4-piece box. The 1 pound box can fit 2 inserts of the half-pound size.

Take a look at our selection of candy box inserts.

Once you have your inserts put in and your chocolates are resting in that pretty candy box, you’ll need a pad to keep it all secure. We’ve got you covered.

Our candy pads add an extra touch of class and protect lower trays of candy, even when stacking.

We have them available in brown and white reversible, bird of paradise pattern and gold – all in a range of sizes. And the best part is, they can easily be customized with your shop’s brand or logo.

Check out candy box pads at

custom branded candy boxes

Tailor-made treat boxes that work for you

Take your candy boxes to the next level and make them shine for your shop with customization. Candy boxes can be hot stamped with your business name in a matter of just 6-10 weeks. And again, your pads can show off your name, too.

Take a look at our selection of custom branded candy boxes for that extra touch of personalization.

With the summer fleeting as fast as it is, now is the time to think about all those holiday boxes of goodies you’ll be offering and get your custom order in now. Trust me, it’s a sweet deal.

If you own a retail business or restaurant, it can be a dizzying prospect to select the perfect packaging for your wares. In a market boasting thousands of styles of boxes, the right choice can be simple, though: the gable box.

Sometimes called a “barn box“, the gable box is a versatile choice for packing up both foods and retail products, such as jewelry, candles or scarves. A multitude of sizes and colors mean they can stylishly stash everything from a jar of jelly to an entire boxed meal.

jar going into black gift box

Gable boxes stand out from the crowd

A quick visit to and you’ll find an entire section dedicated to gable boxes and barn boxes. Our boxes come in a rainbow of color options, allowing for creative ways to get your business noticed.

  • Versatile, giving the benefits of a bag and a box in one attractive package.
  • Larger boxes can be used for food service, gifts, lunch boxes, delis and restaurants.
  • With a large variety of sizes – ranging from 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall all the way up to 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall – all shapes and sizes of food will find a home in one.
  • Some come with windows, to show off your special gifts.
  • They’re easily customizable – your logo or brand will look fantastic on a gable box.
  • Feel good about them, too. Most of our boxes are made from post-consumer materials, are recyclable, compostable, green products made in the USA.

red branded gable box

Gable boxes recognized by industry

According to an Oct. 13, 2020, article by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Supply Chain Quarterly,  custom gable boxes are innovative and visually appealing. For those reasons, they “have become a popular choice in nearly every industry. The food industry is also making good use of these boxes to boast a convenient handle and unique shape. The gable box looks like a bag from the top, but like a box at the bottom,” it stated.

If that isn’t enough, the article noted that these boxes are made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Most of them are constructed of paper board, stock paper, cardboard and kraft. “Different food products can be packed conveniently inside them, while the top handle will make it easy to carry without burning your hands,” the article continued.

Read the full article here:

gable box handle

Easy to handle

Gable boxes are super easy to put together. They come folded flat. Just pop the bottom into place and insert the handle tabs in on each side to seal closed. Voila!

And, when lined with shred or a colorful tissue (which also can be custom printed), the presentation is unsurpassed.

blue colorful barn box

A colorful ‘barn’

Restaurateurs love these boxes because the wide variety of sizes make them the perfect fit for menu items ranging from a single cupcake to an entrée with a couple of side dishes.

Boutique and gift shop owners appreciate the size range because they can put in a nicely cradled necklace or an entire set of candles.

Both segments turn to them for the wide variety of colors. Especially with the holiday season coming faster than we’d like, it’s nice to have a choice between white, brown kraft, blue, green, red or even gold.

So when you’re weighing options for packaging for your unique business, give some thought to the many ways a gable box can make your life easier and help you stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our gable boxes

Here are some links to our available gable boxes:

If you own a winery, wine bar or restaurant that prides itself on its ardent spirits, you know all the hard work that goes into that bottle. You don’t want to send it home with your customers in just any packaging. Wine bottle boxes are an elegant solution.

Better than worrying if that paper shopping bag will hold the weight of the bottle and its contents, a wine bottle box provides stability and style. They’re a great way not only for your customers to carry away a bottle or two – they’re also the perfect solution for gifting wine to friends, colleagues or customers – no matter what industry you’re in.

various sizes and colors of imported boxes

Christmas in July

I know, while you’re firing up the grill and enjoying summer nights it’s a little bit difficult to think about Christmas. But now is the time if you’re planning to gift wine — or know you’ll be selling a lot of it at the holidays for your customers who want to do the same. Wine bottle boxes are a hot item, nearly always tend to run out-of-stock long before the holiday shopping rush settles in.

A quick trip to and you can get a jump on it and avoid the low inventory problem. There, you’ll find several styles of functional and beautiful wine bottle boxes that are readily available right now.

a single bottle wine carrier box with custom logo

Handled Carrier Wine Bottle Boxes

Known for their construction and strength, these wine bottle carriers have several important features. First, there’s a handle slot strong enough to carry the bottles. Second, the front window shows off your wine label, creating a divider in the process to prevent glass hitting glass. Lastly, the bottom of each carrier is an automatic style, ensuring quick assembly.

  • They feature a laminated, high-quality finish on micro fluted corrugated cardboard
  • A die-cut handle with integrated window shows off your business logo
  • Each holds from one to four bottles of wine / spirits.
  • Beautifully designed boxes are imported from Italy. They come in colors including kraft, gold, silver and black.

Take a look at them here:

Special thanks to Refucilo Winery – friends and customers of

showing the components and construciton of a 3 bottle wine box

Imported, Corrugated Wine Bottle Boxes

Just like the handled ones, these strong wine bottle boxes are a showcase for your spirits. Coming in silver, gold, black linen – as well as snowflake and barnwood designs – they offer elegant style and can carry one or two bottles, depending upon which you choose.

With many of the same features as listed above for the handled boxes, some of the finishes mean they’re also recyclable and compostable, too. Easy to put together, they ship flat to save you on shipping costs and storage space, and require just folding flaps for easy assembly.

Just remember when you’re at to click on one and take a closer look at all of the specifications, which do vary between color and style.

Take a look:

That personal touch

Perhaps the best thing about our wine bottle boxes and carriers is that you can customize them to show off your business name, brand or even a special holiday wish. Your logo or special message can easily be added, making that gift or takeaway bottle all the more special.

Here’s how to get started:

So no matter which style you choose, you’ll be offering your customers, clients or friends a beautifully packaged bottle of wine or spirits that you can feel good about sending off with them.

There’s nothing quite like unrolling that food service tissue – with its brightly colored logo or red and white checked patterns – to reveal the burrito you’ve been thinking about picking up all day.

It’s still intact and packed with cheese, veggies, maybe chicken or beans – all that goodness held tight and remaining in form, thanks to that hug it got from that colorful paper.

Food tissue, for many folks, can be an afterthought. But in reality, it can provide recognition, safety and a festive flair to just about anything you’re preparing.

burgers wrapped in tissue

Rolling up with food service tissue

The beauty of food service tissue is that it’s so versatile. Many restaurateurs use it for rolling up burritos, hoagies, pitas and burgers – even sweet treats.

Still other eatery owners use tissue to line their pizza boxes, takeout boxes or food trays.

There are a few things to consider when choosing which tissue to use.

First off, the thicker tissues are best when you’re rolling something up in them. Handheld goodies are way less messy when cradled by a thicker tissue wrap.

Think high-performance waxed tissue for these applications. They’re able to resist grease, oils and dressings. Ideal for heavy-duty subs and sandwiches, they’re also fully recyclable and compostable.

At, we have a nice selection of solid colors – 19 in all — in addition to a select number of patterns, including those with leafy greens, fresh fruit, checkerboard designs and coffee cups on them.

Check them out here:

tissue lining basket of fries

Lining it up with basket liners

Basket liner tissue that we offer at meets FDA safety standards. It’s available in 15 stock colors and prints.

Lightweight and high-performance versions of our Food Service Tissue are both dry waxed, but differ in thickness with high-performance being the thicker of the two.

We also offer an Economy Grade basket liner, which is unwaxed.

Let’s reflect on a scenario: You’ve just opened your restaurant and you want to get your brand, or logo, out there for the world to see. Since you are just beginning, custom-printed cups, boxes, bags and more might not all be feasible for you right off the bat.

In many cases, though, a custom printed food service tissue liner for those boxes or bags is a phenomenal way to go. You can start with one of our stock patterns, such as those with checkerboard in a number of different colors, or a fruit motif. Or, better yet, provide us with your logo and we’ll get them custom-printed for you.

Take a look at our basket lining tissues here:

food tissue with canapes

Make it your own

Here at, we can help you to get that branded food service tissue onto the tables and into the takeout bags of your customers.

Whether you prefer one large logo printed on the tissue, or a repeated pattern, we can work with you and give you something to be proud of – even if you are just starting out.

Food tissue is economical and the turnaround time to get it to you is reasonable, too.

For some of the simpler ones, you can have it in hand in just about 4-6 weeks. For other, more complicated or larger orders, it may take up to 16 weeks.

But the payoff in recognition of your business makes food service tissue a fantastic way to get your name out there.

Let’s review food service tissue

To recap, food service tissue has a lot of benefits for restaurant and shop owners alike:

  1. It’s grease resistant
  2. It’s compostable
  3. It boosts brand awareness for your business
  4. It’s an affordable way to get your name to the masses.

Give us a call to get yours started. We’re ready to answer at 888-321-2248.

As a restaurant owner, you take pride in your menu. People enjoy your offerings so much, they don’t just come by for a sit-down meal. They pick it up and take it home to enjoy, too.

You didn’t realize how much you’d need a good takeout bag until the pandemic hit.

A wave bag is a fantastic option – even for those of us who are environmentally minded.

These plastic bags have a distinct wave-like handle, allowing a sleek shape that can easily be customized for marketing. They can sit open on a flat surface, too.

compostable recyclable and biodegradable website iconsBiodegradable vs. compostable vs. recyclable

If you’re wondering if biodegradable wave bags are compostable, the short answer – in many cases – is yes.

To be sure, it can sometimes be a bit confusing to know the difference. Let’s try to break that down for you.

Take a visit to, and you’ll find the following information:

  • Biodegradable – Products break down through the action of a naturally occurring microorganism, such as bacteria, fungi, etc., over a period of time. These products are made from plant or animal sources. Some forms of plastic are even made from ingredients such as corn starch.
  • Compostable – For products to be considered compostable, they must be able to break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass at the same rate as paper. The result needs to look like compost, should not be toxic and should be able to support plant life. Compostable items are made from plant materials such as corn, potato, cellulose, soy and sugar.
  • Recyclable – When a product is said to be recyclable, it qualifies to be processed then recreated into a new recycled product. Reusing products to create new products reduced the harm put on our environment through the making of everyday products.
  • Environmentally friendly – guidelines, laws and policies that claim minimal, or no harm upon the environment. We aim to only buy products that follow these guidelines.
  • Green product – Products that have less of an impact on the environment or are less detrimental to human health compared to traditional products. Green products might be formed or partially formed from recycled components, be manufactured in a more energy conservative way, or be supplied to the market with less packaging.


For a complete glossary of Earth Friendly terms, visit and see this link:

And take a look at our bio-friendly wave bags here:

header image for rethinking plastics sectionA new mindset toward plastics

The bottom line is, many folks are being forced to rethink plastics. Many areas of the country are even banning one-time-use plastic. According to the Footprint Foundation, eight states have banned single-use plastic bags.

California was the first. Hawaii has a de facto statewide ban. New York became the third state in 2019 and five others have followed suit – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Oregon and Vermont.

Check out some more plastics news on the Footprint Foundation’s site here.

various colors of wave bagsWave bags for the perfect takeout

This style of bag is versatile, economical, strong and flexible. Bowls, lunch-style boxes, drinks and baked goods alike can all find a cozy, safe home in a wave bag.

Still trying to decide on a wave bag for your restaurant, bakery or home-based business? We have a vast selection of colors, thicknesses and styles – most of which have several earth-friendly components.

You can check them all out here:

So go ahead, pack up the goods and, well, feel good about it, too.

By Mya L. Koch

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re rolling full-speed into summer. And with Covid concerns waning, we’re all getting together to enjoy the best that summer has to offer.

Think ballgames, picnics, celebrations, food trucks and restaurants offering summer fare and outdoor seating.

Now think about all of those cold drinks that will be part of all of those festivities. Clear plastic cups filled to the brim with iced tea, lemonade, fruity sorbet or something a little more adult. I mean, who hasn’t looked forward to that first summer brew?

Your patrons welcome those refreshing flavors. And they’ll carry them throughout the park or the party in your crystal clear cups – emblazoned with your eatery’s logo or your well-known brand.

You’ve thought of all of that. But you may still be wondering: Which lid works best for my clear plastic cold cup?

Finding the right lid for clear plastic cups is a snap

variety of drinks showing dome lids

Probably the most important thing to remember is to select the appropriate lid for the cup size that you are offering. Finding out last minute that you ordered a case of lids that don’t fit the cups you have on hand could cause you to, well, flip your lid.

The fact is, a lid from one manufacturing plant may not fit a clear plastic cold cup made by another company. You simply have to feel and hear that “snap” to know your contents are safe inside.

Here at, we try to eliminate the guesswork for you.

Make a match

screenshot showing location of related cup lids

When you select a clear plastic cold cup at and click on it to get the details, just a scroll down will tell you what you need to know. Just below the description of the cup, you’ll see a title showing “related products.” It is here you’ll find the perfect lid for your cup.

We have them for all sorts of cups – and all sorts of uses. There are lids for drink cups, souffle cups, yogurt and parfait cups, too.

Just take care to select the right one. For example, the lid for a .75 oz and 1 oz. portion and condiment cup will not fit a 2 or 4 oz. souffle cup.

A compostable PLA dome lid with a hole slot for 9 to 24 ounce PLA cold drink cups won’t hold tight if you’re looking to cover an 8 oz. drink.

So be sure to do your research and read all of the easy-to-understand information that we have built into the site for you.

A topper for every treat

showing clear cup separator insert

When you’re deciding what lid to use for your clear plastic cold cups, take into account who will be using them and what product you’re selling.

We have sipper lids that work great for an icy, cold drink – no straw needed. There are strawless lids for all types of beverages – spills don’t happen as often and your drinks won’t seep out through the straw slot.

And yes, we have flat lids with slots for straws, too, to serve your sips classic style.

Our dome lids are great for slushies and thicker products. Some come without a hole in the top, for yogurts, puddings and other thicker treats. This dome shape allows room for toppings like whipped cream and allows extra space for your beverage.

We even carry 2 oz parfait cup inserts, or 4 oz granola inserts that fit 12, 16, 20 or 24 oz. cups — perfect for yogurt with a crunch.

So go ahead, pour it on – we’ll make sure you have the perfect way to top it off.

Can I recycle clear plastic cups and lids?

showing the recycling codes on plastic lids and cups

The answer to that questions changes cup-to-cup and even location-to-location. Different cups are made from different types of plastic and different local recycling programs accept different plastics. Some of our cups are even compostable, so be sure to check the plastic type.

That little number in a triangle on the bottom of your cup will tell you what type of plastic it is – and you’ll have to see if your local program accepts that type.

Generally, our disposable plastic cups are #1 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic (accepted by most U.S. recycling programs.)

This link from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency details some information regarding plastics recycling and what the different codes stand for.

Helpful links

Lids for clear drink cups:

Dome lids:

Lids with straw slots:

Yogurt cup inserts:

By Mya L. Koch

We all have that one kitchen cupboard – you know the one. It’s got all of those plastic takeout containers you’ve saved or purchased over the years. All shapes and sizes, for all kinds of uses. Big ones, small ones – all there for you when you need to stash the night’s leftovers or take lunch to work.

At, we offer a vast line of plastic takeout containers. Dozens in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors. If you own a restaurant, there’s one for just about any kind of food you’re offering.

But one question you – or your patrons – might be asking is “Can my plastic takeout containers be reused?”

The short answer is an enthusiastic ABSOLUTELY!

Give your plastic takeout containers a new life

reusing containers for leftovers or lunches

These days, as we are all more conscious about what we are tossing into the garbage and, ultimately, into the landfill, it’s comforting to know our plastic takeout containers can keep on working for us.

Whether you are looking at our tiniest round plastic food containers or biggest square ones – or all those in between – take a sec and think about all you can do.

Have lunches to pack? That plastic food container you picked up your sesame noodles in is a great fit for a bowl of homemade soup for work the next day.

Need to make sandwiches for a picnic, but don’t want to waste a bunch of plastic sandwich bags? No problem! They’ll fit great in one of our rectangle shaped plastic takeout containers. You can even sort the treats by flavor – bologna in the red ones, vegetarian in green, chicken in the orange ones.

Leftover pizza, but not enough to justify shoving that box into your stuffed fridge? Grab that 48 oz square container to keep them in until your ready for more. It’s a great fit!

heat and cold resistance of takeout containers

Hot, cold don’t bother them

Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether reusing a plastic takeout container is really safe. Folks worry about the plastics breaking down, melting, cracking or changing the taste of food.

But peace of mind comes along with our plastic takeout containers, too.

They can go from the freezer, to the fridge to the microwave – safely. Here are the benefits:

  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Freezer safe
  • Hot liquid safe
  • Microwavable
  • Leak resistant
  • Renewable
  • Recyclable
  • BPA free, in most cases

What is BPA?

Bisphenol A header

According to the Mayo Clinic website,, BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used since the 1950s to make some plastics and resins. These polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store foods and drinks.

Some research has shown that small amounts of BPA can leach into food or beverage from containers made with the compound. Long-term exposure is a concern because of possible “health effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.” Additional research suggested a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said that it’s safe at low levels.

Not having it included in our plastic takeout containers provides another level of confidence in this type of easy-to-use packaging.

Divided 3 compartment containers

Divide and Conquer

Some of the takeout containers you’ll find at are also divided. This only makes it easier to reuse and pack lunches for yourself, the kiddos or your better half. Another great idea: grab a bunch the next time your church or community group is hosting a large event. Roast beef on one side, potatoes on the other and everything stays fresh for your crowd.

The bottom line is that today’s plastic takeout containers provide both convenience and peace of mind.

Where to find plastic takeout containers online

4 colors of rectangular plastic takeout containers

Here are some links to our popular plastic takeout containers:

Orange Meal Prep / Takeout Containers:

Red Meal Prep / Takeout Containers:

Lime Green Meal Prep / Takeout Containers:

Microwavable Plastic Food Containers:

OK, guys, I know I’m going to be “dating” myself here, but believe it or not, I can remember the days when there was no such thing as recycling. When the garbage guys rolled up once a week, they were not concerned with separate bins – the plastic drink cups, bottles, newspapers and cupcake boxes went right in there with the banana peels, ham bones and everything else.

Happily, that’s not the case these days.

Our municipalities give us special bins and often special days when they’ll send a different truck along to take our recyclables to be turned into new packages  — easing the ever-ballooning bulge in the landfills along with our worries about the future of our Earth and our environment.

Eco Friendly Takeout

If you are fortunate enough to own your own food service business – perhaps a bakery – you’ve put careful thought into everything from your recipes to hours, pricing and what cups, napkins and cupcake boxes to use. And with all of the new restrictions popping up on use of plastics, mandatory recycling and more, sustainability has no doubt become important to you as well.

Even your patrons are environmentally conscious. They’re taking home your cakes, donuts and drinks in the hope that what they toted them there in can be recycled, too.

Cupcake Boxes with a Conscience

kraft bakery box with environmentally friendly icons on it

Here at, we pride ourselves on keeping up on the latest news when it comes to sustainability.

We enhance our inventory with plant-based products, keep up on rules and regulations across the country and continue to add environmentally friendly offerings.

Just a quick visit to our site will show you that, among our thousands of packaging options – in segments ranging from cups to deli containers to carryout bags, shopping bags, utensils and a whole heck of a lot more – a large majority of them are made from post-consumer materials, and are recyclable or compostable — or both.

And that goes for our donut boxes, cake boxes, cupcake boxes and cookie boxes. No matter the color you choose, you can feel good about offering them to your customers who, like you, are concerned about the state of our environment today.

How do I know if my cupcake box can be recycled?

We make it easy for you to explore the Earth-friendliness of our takeout packaging and bakery boxes. Let me show you how:

Visit and look for an item you’d like to try. There are tabs at the top of the page that will navigate you to boxes, and subcategories by type, including windowed bakery boxes, cupcake boxes, bakery boxes with no windows, kraft brown bakery boxes, white bakery boxes and more.

Once you hone in on a particular bakery box you’d like to see, click on the image. This will take you to a page giving you all the pertinent information about that particular food packaging product.

Just below the image of the bakery box, you’ll see (right above the complete description) a series of symbols with words identifying Post-Consumer, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable, Green Product, Customizable and Made in USA. Here’s a screenshot to show you what I mean.

Screenshot of various icons on products.

So there you have it – one more reason to check us out. Peace of mind for you, peace of mind for your customers.  When they take home your fresh donuts or that special birthday cake for little Scotty’s 8th birthday and it gets gobbled up in no time flat, it doesn’t have to go into the local landfill – it can go right into that special bin with the special symbol and find a new life one day.

By Mya L. Koch

Congrats! You’ve done it! You took the dive and decided to make that love of baking more than just a hobby.

You’ve got your very own little pie-in-the-sky-turned-reality business. You’ve thought of everything: Which cookies, pies or cupcakes to put on the menu; where your storefront will be; how many tables you’ll offer and how much you’ll charge for grandma’s famous custard pie.

Often, one of the last things that comes to mind is packaging for your goodies. But here at MrTakeOutBags, we have made that easy for you with a vast range of supplies, including utensils, labels, baking cups, tissue liners and much more.

And yes, that includes bakery boxes to showcase your sweets.

Our bakery boxes come in an ever-growing range of sizes and colors, including kraft, white, pink strawberry and chocolate brown – some with windows, some without – but all designed to complement your business.

One of the more popular styles of bakery box – for their economy and style – are lock corner bakery boxes. If you’re just starting out, no doubt you’ve explored the various styles and learned the terms. But just in case, let’s dive in a little.

Close up of locking corners

What is a lock corner bakery box?

It’s a one-piece construction, paperboard bakery box that you assemble prior to loading up using interlocking tabs – this is in contrast to glued corner or pre-assembled style boxes.

They come in all those great colors I mentioned and can show off that buttercream and sprinkles with a window – or keep it all as a surprise without.

There are several “plusses” to them:

  • They ship flat, which lowers your shipping cost
  • They’re are simple and classic in design – meaning they’re not difficult to manufacture – a phenomenal value for a lower cost.
  • They can be stored as flat boxes, or pre-folded and “nested” to save your valuable inventory space.
  • They’re sturdier and more secure than other types of boxes.

About the only disadvantage is that you’ll need to put them together yourself – but hey, that’s a … well…. A piece of cake!

Step by step box instructions

Grab some clear tape and follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Crease the panels before folding. This makes the box easier to assemble. Crease the main panels, then the side tabs.

hand folding panel

Step 2 – Lock the corners. Fold the top up and insert side tabs into the slots on the side panel. Hint: Start at the corners closest to the hinge.

Step 3 – Tuck and tape. Tuck the front tab into the slot on the lid, and use tape to secure the sides.

Some folks prefer to tuck the lid side panels into the box, but this does expose the lock-corners. This isn’t quite as pretty looking and it could damage your product.

bakery box tab closure

To recap, just:

  • Crease the panels
  • Lock the corners
  • Tuck and tape.

Voila! You’ve got a sturdy, good-looking box to showcase all of your hard work. And the other beauty of them is that they are fully customizable with your bakery’s brand or logo.

Here’s a link for a video to walk you through it:

There you go – one less thing to worry about. Now get baking, fling open those doors and welcome your new fans. We’re here to help!

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