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Tamper Evident Take Out / Delivery Packaging

As takeout meals and third party delivery companies continue to grow in popularity, the need for takeout packaging evolves. Peace of mind for customers receiving delivered meals is very important for business owners, and that is why there has been a bigger demand for tamper evident packaging. We carry several different options to keep delivery items safe. Each has been rigorously tested to ensure that it will show if a package has been opened.

  • Meal delivery security brings peace of mind to both customer and restaurants
  • Our expanding line of options offers solutions for a variety of different food service provider
  • Ensures that the food arriving has not been "sampled" by the delivery driver
  • Restaurants, delis, and cafes can now use third party delivery services without fear of tarnishing their company's name

Tamper Evident Plastic Bowls

Tamper Evident and Tamper resistant clear plastic bowls are a type of takeout bowl that has a feature to deter or alert unwanted access.

Bio Pak Protect - Tamper Evident Takeout Boxes

NEW! - Tamper Evident Bio Pak take out boxes that feature an adhesive seal, tear away tab, and viewing window for confirming contents.

Tamper Resistant Paper Take Out Bags

Paper takeout bags that feature a tamper evident seal for secure food delivery and takeout. Two adhesive strips stick together at the top of the bag.

Seal 2 Go Tamper Evident Takeout Bags

Need to ensure the safety and security of your food when sending it out for delivery? Seal 2 Go bags are your solution. Paper bag and plastic bag options.

Deliver Safe - Tamper Resistant Bags

Deliver Safe bags feature a permanent colsure with an adehsive strip that secure the contents of the bag for takeout or delivery.

Tamper Evident Labels for Takeout and Delivery

Easy to use, tamper evident labels for sealing takeout or delivery packaging to provide peace of mind to customers, and to avoid tampering or pilferage by drivers .

Clear Tamper Resistant, Tamper Evident Plastic Clamshell Container

Clear Plastic Clamshell containers with a tamper evident, tamper resistant tear tab on hinge to secure contents.

Seal 2 Go Drink Carriers

Make sure your delivery beverages arrive safe and sound with these tamper evident takeout drink carriers.

Tamper Evident Take Out Boxes

Paperboard, pre-folded and glued takeout boxes with tamper evident tabbed closure. Perfect for food delivery services.

Resealable Coffee Bags

These coffee bags (aka coffee pouches) are available in two styles: one features a heat seal top for filling, a reusable zipper seal for the customer, and a one way valve that allows your products to stay fresh, longer. The other option is a standard zip seal pouch that packs flat but stands up when filled.

Resealable Stand Up Coffee Bags with Valve

Coffee bags with a resealable zip top, one way degassing valve, heat seal top and block bottom construction to stand up straight.