Printed Tray Liners Improve Fast Casual Dining

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We love what we do. Each day we get to speak with a variety of different food industry folks. Each one has their own flavorful product to add to the market, and we get to hear about each one. These daily conversations also give us an early taste of some of the hottest up-and-coming food trends. One thing we see popping up in more places – especially trendy fast casual joints – is printed tray liners.

From @blueribbonfc – Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken in NYC
Photo by @artsandfood_nyc

The New Cafeteria Tray

For many, the thought of a cafeteria will conjure up images of lunch ladies in hairnets, dolling out mounds of indistinguishable slop. But there’s the smallest sparkle of nostalgia there, too. That nostalgia for the past is what’s driving trends in all industries, especially food. That’s why we’re seeing so many of our favorite fast casual restaurants serving up lunch on trays. But there’s more than a longing for the past, here. The trays obviously hold more food – ideal for any restaurant that sells side dishes. (And honestly, who doesn’t?) Trays make the food’s trip from the kitchen to the customer a breeze.


From The Sandwich Society in Santa Ana

The Social Media Marketing Opportunities

When orders get to the table, expertly displayed, it’s perfect for customers to snap a pic for social media. Now just imagine your company logo splashed across the background of that photo. It’s easy to do when you invest in custom printed tray liners. You don’t need us to tell you that social media is the fastest word-of-mouth advertising a company can hope for.


Boost those Marketing Dollars

Not sure you want to put the money into food packaging? Well keep in mind that this is more than just packaging – it’s your marketing budget hard at work. It’s brand recognition through social media posts. It’s the chance to elevate not only your food presentation, but to also raise the perceived value of the entire meal. Branded paper allows customers (and potential customers) get a real feel for your business, its products, and the overall quality they can expect to see. Still think it’s better to just use plain, off-the-shelf tray liners?


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