Blending in with the Crowd

The owners of Allegheny Coffee & Tea were using plain brown bags. They needed to stand out not only in the saturated coffee shop market, but also in their neighborhood. Located in Pittsburgh's busy Strip District, the shop is one of several in the area that benefits from all the foot traffic.



Custom Printing and Distinct Products

We worked with the guys at Allegheny Coffee & Tea to find something that would suit their budget. The solution, at first, was to add a branded sticker to the bags. But as business picked up, there was very little extra time for employees to apply stickers to blank bags. Not to mention it wasn't the best use of manpower.

Eventually they were upgraded to a full-wrap, custom-printed shopping bag - in two sizes; complete with black paper handles. Every detail was covered.



No one mistakes their coffee cups for the competition's

For one thing, the level of professionalism has gone through the roof at Allegheny Coffee & Tea. As their company grew and matured, so did their packaging. Now they have a distinct bag that garners attention as customers carry it out the door and around the bustling neighborhood.