Packaging Takeout During COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis made so many restaurants have to close their dining rooms - some even shuttered their doors indefinitely. For those who remain open, takeout and delivery are the new go-to options. In a time where contamination is to be avoided at all costs, restaurant owners needed to think about the security of their customers' meals. The surge in third party delivery services certainly makes it easier to feed hungry customers, but it also opens up the possibility of hungry drivers who might like to "sample" the food they deliver. An option was needed to give customers peace of mind.

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Tamper-evident Takeout Packaging

In addition to all the precautions Palm Palace is taking - including surface sanitation and sanitizing UV lights - they have added secure Seal 2 Go takeout bags to their inventory. The adhesive closure seals the large takeout bag, meaning once the food is loaded into the bag, it can be safely delivered to customers without anyone else's fingers making it into the bag. After seeing first-hand how important these bags were to their takeout operations, the owners of Palm Palace decided to put their restaurant logo on the bags to help their business stand out even more.

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A System Worth Showing Off

Palm Palace, a favorite among the locals of Ann Arbor, is now able to operate with fully off-premises dining thanks to Seal 2 Go bags. The fact that they went the extra mile and had the bags custom branded to show their logo only speaks to their commitment in a time of uncertainty. The restaurant was so proud of the efforts that they took, that they even made a video that they shared on their website. It shows all the different steps they are taking (yes, including Seal 2 Go bags) to ensure a secure meal for their customers.

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