Great Marketing Images - But No Way to Show Potential Customers

Anyone who has spent time at the Roadhouse Diner in Great Falls, Montana knows that it's a memorable experience. The atmosphere is friendly and casual; the portions are generous; and the general vibe is that you're sitting somewhere unique. It's clear that's what the owners, a great husband-and-wife team, were going for when they first opened. They had a vision in mind, but weren't sure how to present that to potential customers.

roadhouse diner marketing


Let the Takeout Box Do All the Talking

We have to give a lot of credit to the owners of Roadhouse Diner. Because of their years of marketing and graphic design experience prior to opening the restaurant, they were able to create an eye-catching design. It was up to us to find the right place to apply it. It was a no-brainer that this place needed to have a top of the line, custom printed meal takeout box.

roadhouse diner storefront


A Carryout Item That Draws In New Customers

Now Roadhouse Diner has a meal box they can be proud of. It gets plenty of attention when people are carrying it out of the restaurant - not only because it's vibrant, but also because it has a style all its own. It's a style that reflects the diner's core values and aesthetic. It's almost as memorable as one of their monster burgers... almost.

roadhouse diner result