3 Uniquely Holiday Cupcakes

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A holiday cupcakes are an excellent way complement the dessert selection at your bakery this holiday season. Consider making flavorful holiday cupcakes that differ from the standard chocolate or vanilla—and create holiday inspired selections instead. Also consider not only sweet ingredients, but savory ingredients to make a hard to resist holiday treat. Here are some holiday ideas to get you started!

Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes

Pumpkin pie is one of the most celebrated desserts this time of year, but don’t forget that pumpkin is also an excellent ingredient in a wider range of desserts, breads, and pastries. When blended into your cupcakes, pumpkin will help to keep them soft and moist. Add ground ginger to your batter, or crystallized ginger to your frosting to give your cupcakes an added kick. A few ingredients that will help to highlight and bring out the flavor of your pumpkin ginger cupcakes are:

• Cinnamon
• Cloves
• Nutmeg
• Allspice
• Pecans or Walnuts
• Cream Cheese Frosting

Also consider sweet potatoes cupcakes with a marshmallow crème frosting. Then select custom cake boxes with fall colored accents, snowflake accents, holly, or a Star of David.

Candy Cane Inspired Cupcakes

Candy canes are synonymous with the holiday season, meaning that they serve as a great inspiration for a custom cupcake. The key to making this cupcake unique is in doing more than adding crushed candy cane as a frosting topper. Instead consider making a chocolate peppermint cupcake, a red and white swirled cupcake or a cupcake with a hidden peppermint filling. Consider adding ingredients to your frosting and batter such as:

• Crushed Candy Canes
• Flavored Candy Canes
• Peppermint Extract
Add some red and white design to your cupcake packaging—and you are all set!

Cranberry Cupcakes

Cranberries are another go-to for the holiday season, making them an excellent source of inspiration for innovative cupcakes. You could dress up a standard vanilla cupcake with a cranberry frosting to create a sweet-tart treat, or you could bake cranberries into your batter with complementary spices and a rich cream cheese frosting. Consider ingredients such as:

• Fresh Cranberries
• Dried Cranberries
• Cranberry Sauce
• Nutmeg
• Pear
• Orange
• Pecan or Walnut
• Sour Cream

Before you bake, consider getting a decorative holiday cupcake baking cup. These products actually allow you to bake the cupcake in the wrapper, eliminating the need for pans. Clean up becomes so much easier.

Once baked and decorated to perfection, select some festive embellishments to add extra flair.

The cupcakes above can be used as a source of inspiration when creating your signature holiday bakery selections. You can bake your holiday inspired cupcakes above in standard size, oversized, or mini cupcakes—just make sure that you order your cupcake packaging accordingly. If you consider yourself adventurous, also consider holiday inspired cupcakes with a few savory ingredients in mind such as turkey or ham.
No matter what your holiday creations may be, make sure you have you have the right Holiday baked goods packaging to show off your hard work. From holiday wrappings and candy bags to gable boxes and cupcake packaging, shop at to take care of all your holiday food packaging needs.

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