Customizing Collectibles for Locals and Tourists

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Located in Cocoa Beach, Florida is a very distinct café. Juice N Java is a place you can pop in for a coffee and a sandwich, or to catch a local band’s set. Its unique flair and friendly staff make it a favorite among natives as well as the town’s many visitors. It’s that intersection of loyalty and curiosity that helps the café thrive. It’s no wonder, then, that there would be a lot of focus on custom branding.

Jenny Pruett, along with her husband, own Juice N Java. Pruett told us about how she ended up with some of the most noticeable coffee cups around.

“We used to use a plain cup and a printed sleeve, but our vendor could no longer supply them,” she says. “When I spoke with [MrTakeOutBags Packaging Advisor] Evelyn, she sent me some samples of new cups. I thought it was cool that I could do a full color print with these. I could do whatever I wanted!”

Bold Design

“I’m good friends with Rick Piper, the artist who does all our graphic work and the flyers for the shows that we have here,” explains Pruett. “I thought we’d just do a black cup with a logo on it, but he suggested we do something much cooler since we had the ability to do whatever we wanted with these cups.”

The result was three different, eye-catching designs. One for each size coffee cup used in the café. “Why not mix it up?” Pruett asks. “People can pick out which one they like the best – even collect them.” She also hints at the possibility of a holiday-themed cup later in the year.

Unified Branding

The stylish marketing doesn’t stop at coffee cups. The Juice N Java logo is also hot-stamped on their paper sandwich bags, and printed on their wax paper basket liners. All of which creates a cohesive brand.

“We brand a lot of merchandise,” says Pruett. “Shirts, hats, mugs, tumblers, key chains – even hot sauce. My husband and I always wanted to franchise we just haven’t done it yet. We’ve put a lot of effort into the brand and generating brand recognition.”

Clearly it’s working. “We have great local support here, but it’s also a tourist destination. So we get tourists who make sure to pick up some merch while they’re visiting,” Pruett explains.

Next time you’re in Cocoa Beach, be sure to grab a latte and pick up some memorabilia while you’re there.

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