Our Favorite Packaging Collections: How Good Design Means Great Brand Awareness

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Packaging Collections:

You already know that we’re obsessed with branded packaging collections. We can’t help but notice and appreciate when a company uses a good design to create memorable takeout boxes, shopping bags, bakery boxes, disposable cups, napkins – the list goes on and on! Customized packaging is eye-catching, especially when it’s cohesive and works on multiple items. We rounded up a few of our favorite printed collections.



Before this Brooklyn bakery opened in July 2017, they contacted us. They had a vision for all their paper bread bags, coffee cups, and bakery boxes. Using a strong, simple design and consistent style, BAKERIE was able to put together a collection of top-notch printed packaging. By sticking to one main color across all items, they made distinct and memorable packaging – something that helps with brand awareness.

Nic’s Organic

Our customer opened a fast food restaurant that boasts an entirely organic menu. Located just outside of Chicago, Nic’s Organic Fast Food used a signature bold green, red, and black logo across all their items. From takeout bags, to cups, to placemats – each item bares the company logo.


Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta┬áin downtown Pittsburgh could be like any other pizza shop on the block. But they understand that it takes more than just a great product to stand out in a crowded market. So they took their logo and added it to sub bags, paper SOS bags for sides, plastic bags, and large paper takeout bags. With a focus on takeout and delivery, it was important for this pizza shop to put their name on each item that leaves their doors.

Mini Delights

In San Antonio, Texas you’ll find the new Mini Delights stand at North Star Mall. This is an excellent example of really utilizing custom printed items to get the business name out there. Specializing in mini donuts and churros, this customer of ours put the logo not only on the specialty paper tubs that the treats are sold in, but also on the paper that lines the tub, and on the hot and the cold cups. They even got printed grease resistant paper bags and stickers.



Ready to put your logo across all your packaging? We can help! Whether you’re starting out with one custom printed item, or you want to do the whole lot, our Packaging Advisor are here to get you exactly what you need. They can be reached at 888-321-2248, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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