Food Hall Days: The Latest Trend in Fast Casual Dining

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Forget what you know about cafeterias, food courts, and mess halls. New-fashioned food halls are popping up all over the country. These dining hotspots feature multiple high-end vendors, sushi bars, and places to grab expertly roasted coffee – all under one roof. By offering lots of options, it’s no wonder why foodies are swarming to these all-in-one halls. Customers aren’t the only one who see the benefits of a food hall, business owners are finding some tasty perks, too.

Smaller space equals smaller overhead
Setting up shop inside a food hall, rather than buying or renting a stand alone property, can save a purveyor thousands of dollars. Because it’s a smaller space to care for, the cost of cleaning, heating, and keeping all things running goes down. Let’s not forget about the cost of rent. That cost goes down when shared with other vendors. Additionally, marketing costs are typically reduced when there is a mother company managing PR.

A central location helps everyone
Simply put: the risk of restaurant failure goes down when people go to a central location. That’s because some people show up to grab a burger, and end up finishing their meal with a handcrafted ice cream sandwich from another vendor. All participating businesses get to ride the coattails of a successful food hall.

Popularity could compete with food trucks
Don’t get us wrong: we love food trucks. But we recognize that food halls are a growing trend, one that could even match the mobile food popularity. Think of food halls as a food truck where everyone comes to you. Plus you never need to stop for gas or worry about parking. Not to mention that an indoor venue makes it a year-round attraction.

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photo credit: Mercado Municipal de São Paulo via photopin (license)

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