What’s the Right Packaging for your Food Truck

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It’s that time of year again!

Summer is here and that means tons of outdoor festivals, street fairs, concerts, and community events. At nearly all of these events you’ll find food trucks lining the blocks, ready to serve hungry customers. If you’re one of these on-trend trucks, with a line of eager customers at your window, what type of food truck packaging are you using to serve up your signature food? And furthermore, what is that saying about your company?

How you serve your food says a lot about you. For example, there’s a clear difference between a food truck that uses Styrofoam clamshells or containers and one that uses more eco-friendly natural brown kraft paper food trays. Using the correct takeout container, simple as it sounds, is also key to providing your customers with the best experience. If your food truck dishes out heaps of gooey mac ‘n’ cheese, you’ll be using a sturdier serving container than the food truck that’s selling cupcakes, which in turn will differ from the truck that sells signature soups. Each business has a distinct need, and choosing the right bakery box or catering tray or paper soup cup for your food is just as important as using the right ingredients. For instance, you might have to decide between Bio Pak vs Twin Lock takeout containers for your products.

Should you choose to step up your game, there’s always the option to brand your business with personalized packaging. This helps get your name out there, raises brand awareness, and distinguishes you from the competition. Just see what FoodTruckr has to say about branding in the world of mobile cuisine. Whether it’s custom takeout boxes or custom printed tissue paper, getting your logo out in front of customers is a great way to generate buzz and help potential clients reach you.

Whatever your food truck packaging needs, we’ve got you covered. Check out the special Food Truck supply section on our site, and don’t forget to check out the custom printed logo options!

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