From Good to Great with the Right Packaging: Ronatta’s Cakery

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Working with Ronatta’s Cakery

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with many growing businesses. We watched them start out, open their doors to the public, and over time become successful and gain notoriety among their community. And we’re grateful for the chance to be involved with the process by providing top-notch food packaging. With our friends over at Ronatta’s Cakery in Orofino, Idaho it was no exception.

The family owned and operated bakery opened in 2009 and had been doing well. But in the spring of 2016 they approached us, and wanted to take their food presentation to the next level.


Ronatta's Cakery Bags

Adding Color

“The doughnuts used to be in a plain box with a piece of plain parchment paper,” explains the bakery’s Marketing Coordinator Whitney Rales. “Ronatta, the owner, had outgrown that and wanted something bigger. Now we do everything in pink.” Before even going to a logoed box, Rales explains that they started small, with pink and chocolate brown bakery tissue. “People noticed that,” says Rale, “and they liked it.”


Adding a Logo

The next step was to put their logo on their packaging. They began by getting strawberry pink bakery boxes and having us hot stamp their logo on them in chocolate brown. “We had a big conversation about it and we talked about how it adds to the perceived value. We have a great product and we want people to know that,” says Rales. “Now people see the pink box and they know it’s from us. People instantly associate the pink box with Ronatta’s Cakery.” The complemented the boxes with paper shopping bags. They were chocolate brown with the log in pink.

Ronatta's Cakery Bags


Since then, the bakery has graduated to selling espresso drinks as well. What better way to advertise than to put those drinks in custom printed coffee cups? The company now carries two sizes of hot coffee cups that don the all-pink design along with the bakery’s name and signature logo. “They’re one of a kind. In the surrounding area we are the only ones with something like this,” Rales explains. “It sets us apart. People can tell that they’re getting something special.”




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