Grease Resistant Paper: Are you doing it right?

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Dear Food Industry,

To those who serve up loaded nachos, stacked cheeseburgers, and anything that involves bacon: we thank you. Like so many other adoring fans, when we indulge in greasy food we enjoy every moment of it (except the heartburn). Everyone deserves a cheat day, right? But the one thing that truly turns us off from these delicious treats is when we see a paper bag or a basket liner become translucent from the grease.

That can easily be avoided, though, when you choose the right paper packaging. With the correct food tissue, your food presentation remains as lovely as when it left the kitchen, rather than tainted with oil slicks. For takeout, make sure you have the best-suited paper bags to avoid grease seepage.

Food Grade Tissue

Whether it’s a basket or tray liner, or a sandwich wrap, food tissue works as the first defense on grease. So make sure you get it right. There are four standard grades of tissue paper available: lightweight, high performance, ultra performance, and grease resistant. If you’re a bakery and you need tissue to grab a pastry and put it in a bag, you’ll want to opt for the lightweight. Many restaurants are better served by the high or ultra performance, depending on the severity of oil. And grease resistant is perfect for wrapping sandwiches.

Get even more details right here.


Paper Takeout Bags

Burger joints, listen up. When we order a burger and fries to go, we prefer not having the grease transfer to our pant leg or car seat. Avoid this mess with a grease resistant lunch sack. With a variety of sizes – and colors – available, it’s easy to find the ones that work best for your meals. Find grease resistant recycled brown paperĀ Kraft bags hereĀ and grease resistant white paper bags here. And for fries, opt for grease resistant, oven-safe small paper snack bags.


Pastry and Sandwich Bags

Doughnuts, buttery croissants – even toasted sandwiches – deserve the right type of paper bag packaging. Many of the sweet treats that are made with butter require a paper bag that will slow down the transfer of grease. Keep your customers’ fingers free of oily messes by using the right paper pastry bags. For sandwiches, go for the gusseted larger bags. And for on-the-go snacks, try out the grease resistant double-opening paper bags.


Not sure if you’re using the right paper packaging for your takeout food and baked goods? That’s alright, we have experts who can help with that. Go ahead and give our Packaging Advisors a call at 888-321-2248 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. They can help get you the right option for your needs.

Using the right paper and ready to put your logo on it? We can help with that, too. Check out the work we’ve done and give us a call.

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