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Here at MrTakeOutBags, we obsess over packaging. We’re constantly thinking about how to improve packaging, and often times it all comes down to custom printing. When a company adds their logo to a bakery box or a takeout bag, it leaves a lasting impression. But what about customers who choose not to print their packaging? There has to be some way they can get their products noticed, right?

That’s where the power of the window comes into play. It allows your quality products to be immediately viewed by potential customers. Whether it’s delightfully decorated cupcakes, artisan sandwiches, or high-end olive oil bottles – there’s packaging designed to help you flaunt your wares! It’s a creative and inexpensive way for you to set yourself apart from your competition.


Bakery Boxes

Cakes, pies, and cupcake – they should all be on display! What better way to entice would-be customers than by showing off the goodies you offer? We have windowed bakery boxes fit to hold a single cupcake, all the way up to window boxes big enough for a dozen. Find the right color box that plays well off your products and you’ve just enhanced the presentation substantially.


Takeout and Catering Boxes

People love to see what they’re buying before they make a decision – especially when it comes to meal prep. A perfectly prepared salad may go unnoticed unless it’s packaged in a Bio-Pak View takeout box. One simple little window can be the difference that helps you make a sale. Selling sandwiches? No problem, we carry clamshells with a built-in window so customers can get a view of the food before purchasing.

For catering or for large carryout orders, use windowed catering squares. Rigid and sturdy, these handy squares allow your clients to see exactly what they’re about to dig into.


Bottle and Jar Carriers

If your product is often purchased as a gift (think jams, spread, oils, and wines) then your customers will all but demand you have windowed packaging. Of course, you could sell your fancy, infused olive oil without special packaging. But why would you? Increase the overall value of what you sell by presenting it in a window gift box. The same holds true for jams, spreads, and mustards. Put them in a window box and you’ll elevate their look, and increase their worth.


Still not sure how you can use packaging to improve your products’ value? That’s alright, we’ve got experts for that. Remember, we do obsess over it, after all. Give us a call at 888-321-2248 to learn more!

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