Paper or Plastic (Infographic)

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Did you know?

Paper bags are especially great for packaging food as there is a grease-resistant option. No more oily stains on those pastry bags!

Biodegradable plastic bags are very durable, and they offer great leak resistance. The wave bags are especially popular for take-out because they have an easy loading wide top opening, much better than t-shirt bags.

Paper cups offer superior insulation for coffee and soup, but did you know it does the same for ice cream? Keep hot things hot and cold things cold with the power of paper.

Plastic cups are a go-to for cold drinks, and are available in an earth friendly biodegradable plant based material. Disposable clear plastic wine and martini cups provide convenience for formal events.

Most food service paper products include recycled content and are recyclable, and most are also biodegradable. If they are lined with PLA plant-based films they are then fully compostable.

Plastic to go or takeout packaging products are sometimes made by post-consumer materials, shrinking your carbon footprint, and some are made from compostable plastic that is made from renewable plant starches called PLA.

You already know that paper plates come in various colors and sizes, but did you know that there are eco-friendly options that are made with recycled paper or sugar cane fibrs content? They’re also incredibly sturdy if you choose our heavyweight or EcoSource paper plates!

Disposable plastic dinnerware doesn’t have to look cheap. There are several high-end looking options that look chic, but are still wallet-friendly, and you can choose square or round, with or without plastic lids.

Disposable tableware doesn’t end at plates. There are elegant, linen-like heavy weight paper napkins – and even napkins printed to look like burlap. Did you know that when it comes to plastic cutlery, there are several compostable options? Several of our plastic cutlery options are made from renewable and compostable plant starches produced into eco-friendly plastic like material. Amazing!

Both paper and plastic takeout and catering products offer great eco-friendly options and will save you time and money. While one is not necessarily better than the other, each has their own application in which they truly shine. Your choice of material depends mainly on what your specific needs require and we can help you figure that out, just give us a call at 888-321-2248.

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