What You Need to Know about Plastic Straws

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Recently we’ve seen a big shift in the way drinks are served. It’s the straws that are changing. There’s a cultural shift happening that’s leaving plastic straws in the dust in favor of compostable straws. Take a look at Walt Disney locations, which plan to no longer have plastic straws or stirrers by the middle of 2019. And Starbucks plans to phase out plastic straws from their shops by 2020. The coffee giant will instead introduce a sippy cup-style lid that eliminates the need for straws altogether.  Taking it a step further, the entire city of Seattle put a ban on plastic straws and any other non-recyclable forms of cups and utensils in the food service industry.

soon to be gone: Starbucks to remove all plastic straws from their stores

Why the Change?

The intention of this global shift is to reduce waste – especially waste that is ending up in the ocean. With viral videos like one that shows a sea turtle having a straw removed from its nose, there’s no question that straws are detrimental to wildlife as well as their environment.

While every effort counts, research has shown that straws are not the biggest bad guys when it comes to marine pollution. But that doesn’t mean the food service industry should halt its attempts to be more eco-friendly.

Ready to Swap out Plastic?

If you’re thinking of making the switch from plastic to more eco-friendly straws, let us first say, good for you! Not sure where to begin when it comes to compostable straws? That’s no problem, we got you covered. Currently, we stock drinking straws that are 100% compostable and biodegradable. But stay tuned. We have several paper options coming this fall! Make sure you’re in the know by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter, or give our experts a ring at 888-321-2248 for more information.

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