The Cheesiest Way to Celebrate April 12th

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Whether you’re a grilled cheese purist, or you prefer to fill your hot sandwich with far-out ingredients, this upcoming food holiday is a day for everyone. National Grilled Cheese Day is on April 12 and we’ve found the best places to celebrate, recipes to try, and of course, we’ve got the ideal way to present that delicious, golden brown sandwich.

from @thegrilledcheeserie

Where to Celebrate

Melt Bar & Grilled – Multiple locations around Cleveland, Ohio

Grilled cheese enthusiasts travel from all over to get their hands on one of the famously large melty sandwiches from Melt Bar & Grilled. Many have even tried to tackle the restaurant’s 5 pound grilled cheese challenge. Made up of 13 different cheese and three slices of bread – served with fries and coleslaw – many have tried, but few have succeeded. Do you think you could do it?


The Grilled Cheeserie – Nashville, Tennessee

What started as a food truck has grown into an equally popular brick-and-mortar destination spot for cheese lovers. There’s an option to make your own concoction, but you can’t go wrong with any of their expertly paired ingredients.


The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen – San Francisco, California and Fort Myers, Florida

Now this is a shop that takes cheese seriously. Artisan ingredients result in stellar sandwiches with exquisite flavor combinations. Oh, and they come to you with the option to cater events.


Presentation is Everything

from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen @theamericansf

Just ask our friends over at Cheezen – presenting with branded basket liners is the way to go. That gooey sandwich looks amazing as is, but when it’s properly displayed on customized wax paper it reaches new heights. Show your customers that you’re dedicated to the grilled cheese cause with a perfectly presented grilled cheese. And don’t forget the snack bags for your side order of fries!


Give our experts a call and let them help you enhance the way customers see your food.


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