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If you are a bakery owner who specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries that are often ordered to go—presentation and bakery packaging are of great importance. Your packaging is essential to ensure that your baked goods and pastries arrive at their destination looking and tasting as stunning as they did in the display case, but also plays a vital role in branding your business. Below are a few things to take into consideration when selecting your custom cake boxes.

The Perfect Shape and Size

When it comes to adequately securing decorative cakes and cupcakes, you must ensure that your packaging is the perfect shape and size. For example, a round cake box is likely to be a better solution for round cakes than a square or rectangular box that leaves too much excess room. Since modern cupcakes are topped with a variety of edible and decorative embellishments, you must consider cupcake packaging that ensures that their specialty décor is still stunning when it arrives at its destination.

Easy To Identify Before the Box Is Even Opened

When you hear the words “little blue box”, or when you see the distinctly colored blue box—you instantly think of Tiffany’s. By investing in custom cake boxes, you can build the same reputation for your brand amongst your local consumers—by adding signature features on your packaging. This could be something as simple as a signature color, signature graphics, or signature method of decorating the box—such as tying satin ribbons to all boxes.

The Feeling and Vibe You Want To Deliver

Consider what you want your clients to think and feel when your bakery comes to mind, or when they think of your signature baked goods. While you want to ensure that your bakery storefront has the vibe you desire, since most of your sweet treats are packaged to enjoy when outside of your bakery—it is your custom cupcake packaging, and custom cake boxes that will deliver the vibe you desire.

The Perfect Gift

Sweet treats are a popular choice as a hostess gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or as a thoughtful gift anytime someone wants to let someone know they are thinking of them. This means that if your packaging is only ho-hum, you may not be the bakery of choice for gifts—even if your baked goods are superior to your competitors.

Whether you are in need of round cake boxes, custom cupcake packaging or new and improved packaging—consider how custom packaging  solutions from MrTakeOutBags.com can help you to make a lasting impression. At MrTakeOutBags.com, we are proud to offer unique, innovative and premium quality food service packaging products that not only keep your baked goods and foods fresh, but help to add value to your brand and your product. Contact MrTakeOutBags.com today and discover how our food service packaging solutions can help build turn your business into a brand.


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