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Take Out Boxes & To Go Boxes

If you're looking for the most all-inclusive variety of high-quality, eco-friendly, and innovative take out boxes, then you've come to the right place. We stock an assortment of to go boxes, soup containers, barn boxes, burger clamshells, stackable lunch boxes, meal prep boxes, Chinese takeout boxes- the list goes on and on!

Verterra Takeout Boxes

High end, balsa wood takeout boxes and pressboard boxes with optional windows and dividers.

Innobox Paper Takeout Boxes

NEW! 3 different colors (white, brown, kraft) in 4 of the most popular takeout box sizes.

Takeout Box Dividers and Inserts

Dividers and inserts that can be placed inside takeout boxes to create compartments or separations for tacos, sauces, sides etc.

Bamboo Compostable Takeout Boxes with Windows

Commercially compostable takeout boxes with windows made from PLA plant-based plastic. BPA / PFAS Free.

EarthCoating Takeout Boxes

Our newest line of sustainably produced kraft paper takeout boxes. BPA / PFAS free, and made in USA.

Citrus Green To Go Boxes / Takeout Boxes

We offer to go boxes in an attractive citrus green color. These boxes are convenient in usage and alluring in design!

Bio-Pak Take Out Boxes

Bio-Pak Boxes are the perfect green take out container for any food truck. Choose from six styles:

Colpac Takeout Boxes

A unique and stylish line of takeout boxes, ideal for grab-n-go styles meals. Options include clear lids for point-of-purchase display.

Tamper Evident Take Out Boxes

Paperboard, pre-folded and glued takeout boxes with tamper evident tabbed closure. Perfect for food delivery services.

Paperboard Catering Lunch Boxes with Window

Semi-Automatic (easy set-up) paperboard lunch boxes with window. Great for boxed lunches and catering events.

Stackable Lunch Boxes

Our Stackable Lunch Box selection includes three types of boxes with various color and design options. Styles including: Paperboard, Handled Cardboard, and Heavy-duty Corrugated.

Wholesale Clamshell Food Boxes

Clamshell Paper Boxes are an economical take out box and are available in three styles and colors including:

Carry Out Boxes

Great for snacks, dinners, and meals our selection of Take out Boxes includes: fry boxes, lunch boxes, sushi boxes with windows and tamper evident lunch boxes.

Plastic Containers

Our most innovative plastic food containers and lids come in various sizes and shapes including:

Smart Serv Paper Food Containers

A twist on the classic chinese takeout box - these round bottom paper foor containers are easy to hold.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

The classic Chinese take out box shape, these take out boxes are made using a single piece of paperboard that prevents leaks and is easily stackable with other chinese take out boxes.

Catering Square Boxes

Perfect for transporting and displaying heavy food products. Features a plastic film window to easily display contents.

Catering Tray Boxes

Designed to fit half and full aluminum steam table pans respectively. Each Catering Transport Box features strong corrugated construction, side locks, and secures multiple trays during transport for easy drop and go catering.

Sushi Takeout Boxes

Boxes designed for displaying Sushi in a window box that's great for curb-side, takeout or delivery.