Gable Boxes: Turn Ordinary Products into Extraordinary Pieces

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Gable boxes are perfect for just about any occasion. They’re easy to carry, they can hold almost anything that doesn’t require waterproof packaging containers, and they have a great appearance in and of themselves. That doesn’t mean that an up-and-coming food service business cannot do more with a plain gable box. Food service containers have always provided a great opportunity for restaurants to increase brand awareness and stand out in the minds of customers, and gable boxes are no different. Here are just a few things your takeout restaurant can turn the simple gable box into a marketing goldmine.

Attractive Prints

There are plenty of companies that allow you to order gable boxes wholesale, and most offer some very attractive stock prints for their containers. Stock prints may not seem that exciting if you want to give your packaging containers a unique look, but some vibrant color and a fun pattern can go a long way in keeping your business in the forefront of consumers’ minds. They are certainly better than a plain cardboard gable box, and you might even be able to save on printing costs if you find a stock print that matches the color scheme of your restaurant.

Stamping Your Logo onto Your Boxes

As attractive as a print on a gable box can be, there is something to be said for taking a plain brown box and stamping your business’s logo onto it. You may not have the flashiest packaging containers around if you go with this method, but that can have some charm in itself. A stamp on a plain box can give a feeling of authenticity and deliver the message that your restaurant is an independent small business. That is very attractive to certain consumers, and it could help drive business more than you might think.

Customizing Gable Boxes for Special Occasions

Since gable boxes are so simple and so easy to decorate and customize, they’re perfect for special occasions. Many businesses use gable boxes to send gifts to clients with some ribbon and a “Thank You” gift tag, and they can order special Christmas-themed boxes for the holidays. These kinds of boxes are much more effective than using the same boxes throughout the year; it shows customers that you care about them and that your business likes to celebrate special occasions. It’s also a great way to have fun with your packaging containers and get creative in a way that customers and even your business rivals can appreciate.

Your food service packaging should be treated as an extension of your brand, working to impress your customers in both quality and appearance. Give your to-go containers and gable boxes some extra pizazz with help from the food service packaging experts at With a huge in-stock selection and customizable packaging solutions, is your one-stop-shop if you are looking to give your to-go packaging an extra edge over the competition. Browse our selection today and leave your customers with packaging that they’ll never forget!

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