Keeping Food Fresh in the Hot Sun

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Few things have the ability to ruin a wonderful bite of food like the hot summer sun does. Whether you have a hot meal, a cold meal, or a dessert, the sun and the heat can quickly have a negative impact on many takeout containers.  The sun and extreme humidity can not only raise the temperature of the food inside a takeout container, but can also create condensation in the container, which will quickly turn the food held within into a giant soggy mess.  Needless to say, this is not the kind of product that a food service company wants its customers to ultimately end up with.

As such, if your food service company is located in an area that gets hot and humid, it is extremely imperative that you take the right precautions when it comes to your takeout food, so that it can stay fresh and perfect even in wildly hot and humid air conditions.  If you follow a few simple tips for proper to-go containers and takeout bags, you’ll be able to accomplish fresh food despite the weather conditions, and you’ll makes sure that your customers always have a pristine product to enjoy eating.

Paper Before Plastic 

If there’s one thing to avoid when the weather is hot and humid, it’s plastic bags.  First off, plastic bags are extremely thin, so they don’t offer any protection from the heat of the sun; they are essentially inviting the hot weather into the bag. Second, they have no absorption, so any condensation that occurs inside the back will end up on the outside of the to-go container, which makes it even more difficult for that container to retain a cool temperature.

A paper bag, on the other hand, is thick enough to keep from turning into a greenhouse for your food service company’s takeout meals.  Since paper absorbs moisture, it will wick away any excess condensation, and keep it from ending up on the to-go container and harming the inside product.

Always Use Paper To-Go Boxes for Hotter Foods 

If your takeout meal is a hot entree, you absolutely need to put it in a paper box, not a plastic one.  Because the hot meal will automatically give off moisture, you need a paper box to absorb the excess liquid in the container.  A plastic to-go box will simply collect the moisture on the roof of the box, and drip it back onto the food in the form of water, creating a painfully soggy meal in the process.

Place Baked Goods on Small Napkins 

Baked goods contain lots of oils because of the amount of butter and fat that resides in them.  As a result, when they get hot, the oils begin to melt and excrete. Placing a paper napkin at the base of your baked goods ensure that as the oils are released from the dessert, they’ll be sopped up by your container, and you won’t end up with a dessert with a soggy base.

Follow these basic tips, and you’ll have happy customers, no matter how hot it is outside. With over 80,000 satisfied customers from all across the nation, you can be certain that is the top supplier for all your foodservice packaging needs. At, we feature the largest in-stock selection of carryout bags, to-go boxes, bakery boxes and so much more to meet your every packaging need. Keep your customer’s happy all summer long with help from


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