Sweet deal: What’s the best candy box for my business?

by Mya L. Koch
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Beloved movie character Forrest Gump said it best: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” But if you’re the owner of a confectionery or other enterprise selling sweet treats, I’ll bet you know what you need: a Candy Box.

Candy boxes come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Some are perfect for truffles; others work best for fudge. There are candy boxes for chocolate covered pretzels, cordials and meltaways. With chocolate sales increasing 9.2% and non-chocolate confection sales increasing 14.5% in 2021 (according to a 2022 National Confectioners Association report), an elegant candy packaging solution can help you take advantage of a rising demand. It can be a bit dizzying to figure out which would be your best pick.

Let’s make that easier for you.

Which candy box style will work for you?

There are two main types of candy boxes available. Let’s take a closer look:

multiple sizes of mint candy boxes

Two-Part Rigid Candy Box

Two-part rigid set-up candy boxes are the ones you are used to seeing in candy shops and kiosks. They’re durable, high-quality, ready-to-use boxes available in multiple sizes and colors.

With inserts and pads that are sold separately, they’re the perfect choice for truffles, cordials and individual chocolates. This combination of packaging protects your wares and adds appeal. I mean, who doesn’t love to lift the lid on a gift box of chocolates?

Many colors of the rainbow are represented in these beautiful boxes. You can choose from metallic, two-toned or solid colors such as mint box tops with chocolate brown bottoms, pink, cherry cordial, black, gold and solid dark chocolate – and yes, those are the colors, not the flavors.

They come in four sizes, ranging from 1/8 pound to 1 pound, offering security and style.

Check out our two piece candy boxes.

one piece folding candy boxes

One-piece Folding Paper Candy Box

If you’ve got small wrapped chocolates, clusters, chocolate covered pretzels or other bulk candies to offer your customers, these are a great choice for you.

Coming in two sizes – half pound and 1 pound – along with a range of attractive colors, these folding boxes are a snap to put together and easy to store.

Available colors include white, black, pink, red, chocolate brown and even leaf green.

See our choices in Paper Folding Candy Boxes.

Our candy boxes are stackable, customizable and made in the U.S.A.

explosion diagram of rigid candy boxes

Putting together the total package

Our Two-Part Rigid Candy Boxes are meant to be paired with our protective inserts and pads. These not only prevent your goods from slipping around in transit; they also provide for an elegant, practical presentation that every candy lover and patron can appreciate.

With the inserts, there are a multitude of shapes, configurations and colors available. This includes everything from 4 cavity, all the way up to 15 cavity, round or square. There are inserts that can fit one large chocolate bar and others that can fit a candy bar surrounded by cordials.

They can even be adapted. The eight-piece truffle inserts, for example, can easily be snapped in half to fit a 4-piece box. The 1 pound box can fit 2 inserts of the half-pound size.

Take a look at our selection of candy box inserts.

Once you have your inserts put in and your chocolates are resting in that pretty candy box, you’ll need a pad to keep it all secure. We’ve got you covered.

Our candy pads add an extra touch of class and protect lower trays of candy, even when stacking.

We have them available in brown and white reversible, bird of paradise pattern and gold – all in a range of sizes. And the best part is, they can easily be customized with your shop’s brand or logo.

Check out candy box pads at

custom branded candy boxes

Tailor-made treat boxes that work for you

Take your candy boxes to the next level and make them shine for your shop with customization. Candy boxes can be hot stamped with your business name in a matter of just 6-10 weeks. And again, your pads can show off your name, too.

Take a look at our selection of custom branded candy boxes for that extra touch of personalization.

With the summer fleeting as fast as it is, now is the time to think about all those holiday boxes of goodies you’ll be offering and get your custom order in now. Trust me, it’s a sweet deal.

Mya L Koch is a Sales Order Specialist for who has vast experience as a journalist, writer and editor for publications such as The Wilmington Star-News and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where she managed staffs of young writers and photographers and helmed daily, monthly and annual publications seen throughout the region. Her writings have been published in magazines, newspapers and most recently in a hard-cover book for the national Bring Music Home initiative. She has extensive experience as an editor, manager and in retail sales. She welcomes your ideas and suggestions for her blog post as part of the BABCOR Packaging / team.

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