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by Mya L. Koch
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If you own a retail business or restaurant, it can be a dizzying prospect to select the perfect packaging for your wares. In a market boasting thousands of styles of boxes, the right choice can be simple, though: the gable box.

Sometimes called a “barn box“, the gable box is a versatile choice for packing up both foods and retail products, such as jewelry, candles or scarves. A multitude of sizes and colors mean they can stylishly stash everything from a jar of jelly to an entire boxed meal.

jar going into black gift box

Gable boxes stand out from the crowd

A quick visit to and you’ll find an entire section dedicated to gable boxes and barn boxes. Our boxes come in a rainbow of color options, allowing for creative ways to get your business noticed.

  • Versatile, giving the benefits of a bag and a box in one attractive package.
  • Larger boxes can be used for food service, gifts, lunch boxes, delis and restaurants.
  • With a large variety of sizes – ranging from 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall all the way up to 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall – all shapes and sizes of food will find a home in one.
  • Some come with windows, to show off your special gifts.
  • They’re easily customizable – your logo or brand will look fantastic on a gable box.
  • Feel good about them, too. Most of our boxes are made from post-consumer materials, are recyclable, compostable, green products made in the USA.

red branded gable box

Gable boxes recognized by industry

According to an Oct. 13, 2020, article by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Supply Chain Quarterly,  custom gable boxes are innovative and visually appealing. For those reasons, they “have become a popular choice in nearly every industry. The food industry is also making good use of these boxes to boast a convenient handle and unique shape. The gable box looks like a bag from the top, but like a box at the bottom,” it stated.

If that isn’t enough, the article noted that these boxes are made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Most of them are constructed of paper board, stock paper, cardboard and kraft. “Different food products can be packed conveniently inside them, while the top handle will make it easy to carry without burning your hands,” the article continued.

Read the full article here:

gable box handle

Easy to handle

Gable boxes are super easy to put together. They come folded flat. Just pop the bottom into place and insert the handle tabs in on each side to seal closed. Voila!

And, when lined with shred or a colorful tissue (which also can be custom printed), the presentation is unsurpassed.

blue colorful barn box

A colorful ‘barn’

Restaurateurs love these boxes because the wide variety of sizes make them the perfect fit for menu items ranging from a single cupcake to an entrée with a couple of side dishes.

Boutique and gift shop owners appreciate the size range because they can put in a nicely cradled necklace or an entire set of candles.

Both segments turn to them for the wide variety of colors. Especially with the holiday season coming faster than we’d like, it’s nice to have a choice between white, brown kraft, blue, green, red or even gold.

So when you’re weighing options for packaging for your unique business, give some thought to the many ways a gable box can make your life easier and help you stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our gable boxes

Here are some links to our available gable boxes:

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