What Will Be on Our Plates in 2019?

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We love to look ahead and take a guess at what will become popular food trends. While there’s no scientific way for us to do this, we have a pretty solid way to research: eat everything! After a great deal of wining and dining, we’ve come up with a few good guesses as to what will be popular in the food industry next year.

After careful consideration (i.e. lots and lots of food), we picked a few of the food trends we expect – and hope – to see flourish in 2019.


Eat your veggies!

More vegetarian and vegan options

Who says a carnivore can’t enjoy a good, hearty vegan meal? We’ve seen restaurants and cafes popping up around the country that boast menus completely free of meat and, in some cases, free of any animal byproducts. Some of the most popular menu items you’ll see are meat alternatives, like the Impossible Burger. Take it from us, this trend shows no signs of stopping, and we’re a-ok with that.


Make great meals at home.


Delivered meal kits with more options

Nowadays there’s a meal kit for everyone. Today we’re seeing a bevy of subscription box options, and all with one thing in common: they can be delivered directly to your door. We anticipate seeing this trend continue, with even more options becoming available.


Locally-sourced ingredients surge in popularity.

Food with a purpose

More and more, we’re seeing chefs put their values right on the dinner table. In some cases it’s farm-to-table food that’s locally sourced. There are also more diet-centric eateries than ever before. There are a growing number of places where you can pop in and grab a quick but healthy (or gluten-free, or low carb, or high protein) meal on the go.


What do you think we’ll see in 2019? Let us know, we’d love to hear your predictions!

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