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Love is in the air! We recently added several hot new items to our inventory and they are definitely crush-worthy. It comes as no surprise, then, that these sweet additions are gaining popularity. Just take a look at what we have in store now.


Divided Meal Prep Containers – New Lid!

Three Compartment food container

Don’t you just love when a good thing gets better? That’s what we’re seeing with our new two- and three-compartment plastic food containers that now feature a divided lid. It’s such a simple adjustment that was made to the original lid but boy does it make a huge difference. Now you can ensure that each compartment is sealed tight and won’t leak from one compartment to the next. Now you can add a side of sauce without fear of it mixing with the rest of the meal when it’s not supposed to.


4 and 6 Pack Bottle Carriers

There’s something about a good, clean design that we just can’t resist. That’s why we now carry these sturdy, yet sleek, bottle carriers. Available as a 4 pack and a 6 pack, these carriers are ideal for beer, but can easily be used for olive oil bottles, specialty sodas, or even beauty products in 12 ounce bottles. Choose natural kraft or black, or stock both and let your customers choose which one they prefer. Increase your product’s value by adding your company’s logo to these carriers.


Compostable Grab-n-Go Containers

You already know that we intentionally do not carry Styrofoam products, but did you know that we’re always looking for more eco-friendly options? Case in point, our new compostable take out containers. The container bases are made from compostable can fiber and do not contain plastic. These are great for grab-and-go meals, prepared salads, and they also work perfectly as burrito bowls.


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