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Shrimp Daddy in LA Promotes with Waxed Tissue

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When it comes to extraordinary details, Shrimp Daddy hits the bullseye. The Los Angeles-based restaurant recently invested in branded food tissue. The results were almost immediate according to June Quan, Esq. who is the Head of Marketing at Shrimp Daddy.

Practical Investment

“We serve our Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp inside a beautiful pineapple boat,” says Quan. The best part? Something as eye-catching as a pineapple boat is like a neon sign pointing straight to the restaurant. “When people are walking around with the boat or sitting down and eating, people always ask where they got it from.” Quan and the team decided to let custom printed tissue do all the talking.

“We wanted our branding to be prominent on the pineapple without getting in the way of their delicious meal,” Quan explains. “Since we were already using wax paper when serving our customers, we thought branded wax paper would be the perfect move. The response has been incredible!”

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Brand Recognition

As Head of Marketing, Quan understands the importance of brand recognition. “The wax paper will definitely help with brand awareness and allow people to see where our beautiful Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp in a pineapple boat comes from without needing to ask around. We have been so blessed that people love taking photos of our food and posting on their social media. Now with the wax paper, our branding can be included in photos!” And we already know the power of customers’ social media posts.

When asked if she would recommend custom printing to other business owners, Quan says “We would absolutely recommend custom printing!”


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