4 Ideas for Smarter Food Service Packaging

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Food service businesses have a great many options available to them when packaging their foods for distribution to retailers or directly to consumers, and lacking any reason to act otherwise, they often choose the simplest and cheapest packaging solution. However, this is often not the best solution for the customer, and by extension not the best solution for the food service packaging. Better decision-making about packaging can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and ultimately on the bottom line for the food service company. Here are some steps that are worth considering for better food packaging.

Microwaveable To-Go Containers

Prepared foods that are intended to be warmed up before consumption should be delivered to consumers in a microwave-safe container that promotes thorough heating of the product, but does not remain warm to the touch itself. The heating part is not so unusual, but a container that will not burn the user after being warmed is just as important.

It could deter the person from wanting to purchase similar foods in the future, not to mention the scramble for aloe vera to soothe burning flesh. A container that is secure and not too slippery in handling will also be appreciated, and even though these are characteristics not actively sought, they are appreciated when present.

Customize Your Food Service Packaging

This is an idea that can pay an awful lot of dividends after an initial investment. When a food service company uses high-quality containers for packaging their foods, these are often kept by the purchaser rather than thrown away, because they are very handy containers. When that handy container also has the company name brand or logo prominently customized into the lid or on the side, it is a reminder to the buyer, and an advertisement to anyone else who sees it. Customized to go containers can be a wonderful promotional aid for a company that provides a huge return on investment.

Gable Boxes

These are sometimes referred to as ‘barn boxes’ because of their shape, but they can look much more exciting than a barn. Combining the features of a bag and a box all in one container, these can be very sturdy and very colorful packaging for foods. For instance, even several pieces of fried chicken won’t leak through the solid structure of a gable box. Like the custom to go containers mentioned above, gable boxes can also be customized with company branding graphics or text for promotional use, and they can be available in practically any conceivable size.

Green Disposable Lunch Containers

Most to go lunch containers are disposable nowadays, so as to offer the buyer the convenience of being able to quickly dispose of it after the meal, and for many buyers that will always be a priority. However, there is also a tremendous emphasis on sustainable resources these days, and more and more people are joining the groundswell of support for being responsible caretakers of the planet.

A food service business that offers a ‘green’ disposable lunch container satisfies both groups of people and positions itself as a company that cares about the environment. Some disposables are even compostable, which is a quality that has the wonderful effect of returning the container to the earth for re-use. At least one segment of the consuming public will want these containers for that reason alone, and will support the company that offers them.

There are a virtually limitless number of options to help you define your business with innovative food service packaging materials. Give your brand a packaging makeover with help from the to-go container and packaging experts at For years, has been providing innovative packaging solutions for all types of businesses. No matter if you run a bakery or a carry out cart, shop for all your to-go container and packaging needs.

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