How 3 Savvy Businesses Are Putting a Spin on Custom Packaging

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Sure, we all know that Custom Packaging and Branding your business is important, right?

Nothing new there.

But, today I wanted to share with you 3 awesome ways a few of our customers are putting a spin on custom packaging to help differentiate their businesses and drive sales.

So, outside of putting your logo, company name and contact info on your packaging…

What else can you do?

How else can you leverage your custom printed packaging?

Great questions. Glad you asked.

1. The “Bounceback”

So, if you’re not familiar, a bounceback is an offer or discount you give a customer after they’ve bought from you in order to entice them to come back, or “bounce back”.

And here’s the thing… they work fantastically.

Here’s how Walnut Grill is doing this RIGHT ON THEIR BAGS

Custom Offer on Takeout Bag
Use custom printing to include an offer or promotion on your packaging

These bouncebacks can be just a straight offer to get people to come back…

Or, you might want to increase traffic and sales on certain days or times of the week. In that case, you would gear the offer to only being redeemable then.

2. The “Cross Promotion”

This is great if you have multiple locations or have two or more businesses. Why keep your budding empire a secret?

Let customers of your one business know about your other locations orĀ  businesses. Work smarter and LEVERAGE your customer bases off of each other… growing both.

This is just smart marketing.

cross promotion custom carryout bag
Use multiple-logos to cross promote
Black Custom Take Out Bag
Two well placed logos can help cross promote each other.

But what if you have only one business? Can you still apply this idea?

Absolutely. But you have to be a little more creative. Perhaps there’s another business in town that doesn’t directly compete with yours.

What if you two formed an alliance and using the same bag, cross promoted each other? Some might call that a “WIN-WIN.”

3. The “Exclusivity Principle”

Status. We all want it.

If it wasn’t for status… brands like Mercedes and Rolex WOULDN’T exist.

Let’s face it, functionally speaking, a Yugo or Timex gets the job done, right?

It gets the job done, but doesn’t look great doing it

So, outside of just hiking up your prices… how do you apply exclusivity to your packaging itself?

Well, here’s what another one of our clients does…

Exclusive custom packaging
More expensive purchases get more expensive bags

So, here’s the deal with Femi.

When you shop at this boutique clothing store and spend less than $200, your items are put into the white bag.

However, when you spend over $200, you’re UPGRADED to the higher-status black bag. So, when you’re checking out and then walking around with your dapper black bag, other people now know that you’re a “baller.”

Status achieved.

So, those are three super cool ideas I’ve seen recently how our clients are leveraging their custom packaging to do more.

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