The Very Best of 2019’s Branded Packaging

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2019 was a year of many memorable moments. But here at, it was the year of amazing branded packaging. Truly, this year we saw some of the most exciting, unique packaging projects we’ve ever encountered. To be fair, we always get overly excited about takeout bags and meal prep containers, but still, this year was one for the books. As tough as it was to pick just a few favorites, we did it. Here is the best new branded packaging of 2019.

Sweeteez in Phoenix, AZ

Sweetest Packaging: Sweeteez from Phoenix, Arizona

Peach Mart from Momofuku, NYC

All Around Coolest Design: Peach Mart, a Takeaway Shop from Momofuku, NYC


Grain From Newark, DE

Best Use of Color: Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen From Newark, Delaware


Oggies – coming soon!


Cutest company mascot: Oggies The Pasty & Pie Company – Coming Soon!


A-Soshel, Tine & Cellar, and Mikey’s from Wisconsin

Best Trifecta of Sister Restaurants: A-Soshel, Tine & Cellar, and Mikey’s from Wisconsin


Cookie Spin from Chicago, IL


Best New Ice Cream Cups: Cookie Spin from Chicago


We really are grateful for each of our customers, new and old. And we’re excited that we get to help you get your company name out there for all to see. If you’re ready to talk about branding your food service packaging, give us a call today. Packaging experts can be reached at 888-321-2248 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.



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