Top 3 Easiest Ways to Boost Your Brand

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Around here, we call them add-ons. It’s any low-cost, small footprint item that is easy to print and can be done quickly. These are the type of no-brainer additions that separate the ordinary delis from the extraordinary delis. It’s the simple but professional touch that makes a coffee shop more memorable than the competition. And the best part of all? They’re necessary items for so many food industry businesses. Which means, if you have to buy them anyway, spending just a little more to have the items branded is making that marketing dollar stretch. Take a look at our top three “add-ons” and how they can boost brand recognition for your business.


Branded Napkins

Branded Napkins

If you’re selling food or drinks, you have to have napkins. Trust us, there isn’t a single customer out there who wants to wipe his hands on his pants. No, of course you’re going to need napkins, and plenty of them. Take a second to think about just how many napkins your business uses. It’s a lot, right? Now imagine if each and every napkin that a customer reached for had your company logo on it. Whether they’re in your café or digging into a delivered meal, they would see your logo and remember it. Plus, there is the bonus use: when a customer stashes a stack of clean napkins in their glove box or the break room at work. Your logo will show up over and over again. Don’t’ forget, branded napkins can also be cocktail napkins. Or perhaps you’re more of a coaster kind of place?


Branded Drink Coasters

Branded Coasters

Make them clever, make them custom-shaped, make them display several different messages, just make them happen! If you run a bar, sure you’re definitely going to want some coasters. And coasters with your bar’s name and logo on there is the perfect step up. But it’s not just pubs that could use drink coasters. Trendy coffee shops are using them, for starters. And we’ve seen a ton of e-commerce companies get custom printed coasters (because the minimum to print is so low, hint, hint) with their logo on it, and give them away with online orders. It’s a great way for your customers to remember you.


Branded Stickers

Pattis PastriesLabels, or stickers, are a truly brilliant way for you to get your logo in front of a lot of people. Not to mention, a label can be used several different ways. Have a delivery service? Use it to seal or accentuate the takeout bag. Selling prepared meals at your deli? No problem, put a branded sticker on those meal containers, and no one will forget where they purchased that amazing salad. And just like the branded napkins and drink coasters, stickers require a very low minimum quantity, which means there’s no excuse for not getting started today!


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