Four drinks to help you survive the holiday season

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It’s such a cheery time of year. But it’s also a very demanding time of year for just about everybody. And while we don’t suggest spiking your morning coffee (tempting as it may sound), we do feel that we have a drink to help you through the holiday struggles. Just know when to drink which beverage, and you’ll do fine.

Something boozy

It’s tough to pick just one spiked holiday cocktail as a go-to, but we live for the challenge. Perfect as a reward for surviving another day of Christmas carols, or to use as a signature drink to share with friends at your holiday party, is the mistletoe margarita. It’s a cinch to make, pleases a whole crowd, and perhaps best of all requires no noisy blender.

Image by Brad Holand for Delish

Get the recipe from Delish.


Something caffeinated

You have a lot to do before the end of the year. Whether you’re spending a ton of time hunting for the perfect gifts, or you’re working late nights, you need something that’s going to keep you going, yet still feels like a treat. Meet our friend the eggnog latte. You can swap out regular eggnog for a light or soy version if you prefer.

Get the recipe from the kitchn.

Something to keep you sharp

Craving a drink but need to keep your wits about you? It might actually be the only way to get through the annual family political debate that always occurs during dinner. Or you just need a treat that feels indulgent but won’t deter your gift-wrapping abilities. For that we recommend cranberry-rosemary spritzer. It’s got all the flavors of the holiday season, without the hangover.

Image from The Tasting Table

Get the recipe from The Tasting Table.



Something to keep you healthy

Don’t let the slew of germs flying around knock you out of commission during this crucial quarter. We suggest a regular dose of green tea to keep your immune system happy and healthy. Want something more festive? Peppermint tea is known to help the immune system and reduce stress.

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