Building Your Brand with Packaging

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Branded packaging is more about credibility and perception than it is about providing something to carry your product. Having your company name, logo, slogan or graphics added to your packaging represents so much more.

The pricier the product is, the greater impact will come from branding the packaging. No customer wants to walk away with an expensive purchase, carrying a cheap looking package. Customers want to be proud of their purchases. And a well-developed brand enhances that perceived value.

Marketing Dollars Hard at Work

You could be offering the best coffee in the city, but if it’s in a Styrofoam cup, nobody will take you seriously. But, serve that same beverage in an environmentally-friendly paper cup with your shop’s logo on it? People will remember it and identify with your brand.

You could serve the best sandwich in the state, but nobody will remember it if it’s sitting on a plain sheet of tissue when its photo is posted to Instagram. Showcase that same delicious sandwich on a branded tissue, and everyone will know where to go the next time they’ve got a craving.

Create a Buzz

You could be selling the best wine in the region. If you’re giving customers their bottle in a plain bag, though, nobody will recognize your product when they pass your customers on the street. Present your wine bottles to the customer in a shopping bag with your brand’s name showing and people will take notice.

You could make the best pastries in the land, and nobody will know they’re yours if they’re in a plain box. But, pack those same pastries in a nice bakery box that has your bakery’s name on it, and suddenly everyone knows that it was made with pride.

Boost Brand Awareness and Company Credibility

Branding is about more than slapping a name on a cup, a bag, a box, or a basket liner. Branding is about credibility, awareness, satisfaction, and desire. It’s about the emotional bonding that takes place with your customers. And it’s an intangible value that can’t be denied.

Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Let our Packaging Advisors guide you through the process of going from boring to branded. Give them a call at 888-321-2248 Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

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