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Basket Liners and Food Wraps

From lightweight to heavy, grease-resistant tissue and liners, we stock a great selection of food-safe tissue paper, food basket liners, and food wraps to serve any and all purposes possible. Our food wrap paper is ideal for basket/box liners, deli wraps, tray liners, and so much more! Browse our full selection of waxed tissue paper in the categories below.

Box Liner Tissue

There's no better way to add some style to your boxed meal presentation than with our box liner tissue. With so many styles to choose from, you'll be able to find exactly what you need to add the finishing touches to your creations!

Basket Liner Tissue

We carry a large variety of basket liner tissue, perfect for any type of food! These basket liners have been approved safe by the FDA, and are available in a large array of colors!

Deli Wrap Tissue Sheets

Deli wrap tissue sheets are practical for handling food over the counter. Take a look at our collection and find out which style fits your business needs!

Food Waxed Tissue Dispenser Boxes

Quickly and efficiently wrap up and grab your food using our deli paper dispenser boxes. Available in Brown Kraft, White, Pink, and Chocolate and in three different sizes.

Sandwich Wrap Paper

Our Sub/Sandwich wraps are the ideal way to keep your bulkier food items fresh and secure, while avoiding messes. Browse our selection to discover which type best suits your needs!

Quilon Parchment Pan Liner Paper

Turn baking into an effortless and painless task with our grease/water proof pan liner paper!

Food Basket and Tray Liners

Tray liner tissue is light weight and safe for direct food contact. Designed for use on top of a standard 10 in. x 14 in. lunch tray.

Wholesale Color Tissue for Retail

A huge color range of color tissue paper for retail packaging - not for direct food contact.