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Colored Pinstripe Gable Boxes

These colored gable boxes feature a pinstripe accent and are available in 5 sizes and nine colors. They're recyclable and are made with recycled materials. A lock-top mechanism keeps the box together and the contents securely contained. Includes a die cut handle for easy carrying. Folds flat for easy storage and shipping. These boxes are also available for custom designs like adding your logo or store name. Call us for more information.

Apple Green Pinstripe Gable Boxes

These apple green pinstripe gable boxes are perfect for those looking to get creative with their business. Available in five sizes.

French Blue Pinstripe Gable Boxes

Impress your customers with our alluring french blue pinstripe gable boxes. Available in three sizes.

Strawberry Pink Pinstripe Gable Boxes

These pink pinstripe gable boxes are the ideal line of products for those looking to add some brightness and character to their business. Available in three sizes.

Black Pinstripe Gable Boxes

These black pinstripe gable boxes are the ideal combination of classiness and convenience! Available in four sizes.

Chocolate Brown Pinstripe Gable Boxes

These chocolate brown pinstripe gable boxes are the ideal combination of convenience and style! Available in three sizes.