Make Mother’s Day a Success

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Mother’s Day is around the corner. First of all, don’t panic. There’s still time to pick up the perfect gift for Mom. Second, start preparing for hordes of Mother’s Day brunch-goers to flood restaurants and cafes. Don’t be caught that Sunday understocked or with the wrong type of bags or boxes for your customers. Come on, your mama taught you better than that!

Bakeries Beware

Tons of sons and daughters will head to their local bake shop to pick up something sweet for Mom. And none of them want to hand over perfect little confections in a crumpled bag. Make sure you’re fully stocked in pastry boxes – especially in the sizes you use the most.

Want to up the ante for Mother’s Day? Switch from white or brown boxes over to eye-catching strawberry pink ones. Already use pink? Try window boxes and transform a regular box of your cookies into a bright, cheerful presentation.

Bonus: For an added touch, keepĀ ribbon on hand for wrapping boxes. Those small details can make a huge difference in presentation.

Wine Not Make it Special?

There will likely be just as many Mother’s Day shoppers purchasing nice bottles of wine for Mom, too. While there’s nothing wrong with slipping a bottle of wine into a standard, brown sleeve, there’s something special about putting the same bottle into a brightly color or tastefully printed bag. A wine bag with a fitting grape design, for example, makes more of an impact than a plain bag.

For those who want to really wow their mom, give them the option of some elegant wine gift boxes and carriers. Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and prints, these holders take a gift from ordinary to extraordinary.

Turn Packaging into Gifting

Don’t forget that successful branding is one of the most effective ways to impress a customer. The right type of custom printing – paired with good marketing – adds value to whatever item is inside the package. And when your branding is that good, the packaging itself can work as a gift presentation. No one sees a Tiffany’s jewelry box and thinks it needs paper gift wrap around it. The same is true for a box of Godiva chocolates.

Great branding is easier said than done, we understand that. That’s why we have expert Packaging Advisors here to help walk you through the process of finding the right packaging for your needs and getting your custom logo printed on it.

Get started with your customized packaging today. Call our experts at 888-321-2248. They’re here Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

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