How the Cupcake Trend Took Over America’s Tastebuds

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You don’t have to look very far to see that cupcakes are a serious trend in America. From the opening of the L.A. based cupcakes-only shop, Sprinkles, to reality TV shows like Cupcake Wars to Carrie Bradshaw snacking on a cupcake in HBO’s “Sex and the City”, it seems everyone can’t get enough of the miniature dessert. But why all of a sudden? Beyond the red-carpet glamour and infinite sampling and flavor options, cupcakes may have some psychology behind them that brings sense to their nationwide craze.

Cupcakes Are an Affordable Luxury

The cupcake trend exploded in 2008-2009, the same time America faced the biggest economic crash since 1929. Treating ourselves wasn’t really an option anymore for most. Even those getting married during this time had to find ways to cut costs and scale down. Cupcakes offered an affordable alternative. Engaged couples turned to cupcakes instead of elaborate, expensive cakes because they can still “wow” guests with unique flavors, adordable decorations, and accessories like designer baking cups. Now that the economy has improved, many couples still choose cupcakes for their big day. But they aren’t only for special occasions. Cupcakes allow access to the same emotion tied to life’s special experiences only in a scaled-down, far less expensive version we can enjoy on any given day.

Cupcakes Are a Feel Good Treat

Cupcakes are basically little hugs in a cup. They make you feel good, even if you’re having a bad day. Once you start peeling back the pretty, designer baking cup and tasting the frosting, it is near impossible to focus on any stresses and bad experiences you were caught up in earlier. Cupcakes offer a break from the world, and are a gateway to just enjoy the delicious flavors. As customers stand in line for a treat from a specialty cupcake shop, it surfaces the same giddinss as hearing the ice cream truck’s melody coming ‘round the corner. Cupcakes offer an escape from any troubling thing happening in our lives, even for just a moment.

Cupcakes Embody the American Dream

Ever wonder why reality shows like Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes, a show starring two sisters in Washington DC, became so popular? They offer us a glimpse of the American dream. The cupcake movement represents the ultimate way to take a bite out of the entrepreneurial slice. When people watch these reality shows, they think, “I can do that too!” Most people already have the supplies and basic skills it takes to bake cupcakes, and the extra accessories like baking cups aren’t expensive. Cupcakes offer the very real opportunity to start a business you love, even when it may not have seemed possible before.

Can cupcakes make dreams come true? Why not let your customers find out for themselves! The cupcake trend is still going strong and you can set yourself apart from the other specialty cupcake shops in your area by decorating your product with the designer baking cups from

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