Chocolate Links Baking Cups - 2-1/3 x 2" (500/case)

Item #::  XFSHOF611151

Dress your cupcakes for success with these cupcake bake cups. The perfect fit and reflection for your delicious "regular sized" cupcake or muffin.

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Chocolate Links Baking Cups - 2-1/3 x 2"
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    Original Price / Case: $72.35
    Sale Price / Case: $62.71
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    Code:  XFSHOF611151
    size:  2-1/3" x 2"
    Qty / Case:  500/case
    Color / Style:  Chocolate Links
    Shipping Weight:  3.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $0.13 each @ 1 case
    • This simple yet elegent design makes your cupcakes and muffins shine
    • Bake pans NOT necessary... Just fill 'em up and put on a cookie sheet
    • Save time and labor costs because there's NO pans to clean up
    • The ideal way to add the perfect touch to your cupcakes and muffins and WOW your customers
    • Grease-proof paper ensures quick and easy separation
    • This ovenable cup allows you to bake directly in it up to temperatures of 400 degrees
    • Size: 2-1/3 x 2"

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